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3 dead in Scotland train derailment as aerial view shows scale of damage

Three people were killed in a train derailment in eastern Scotland on Wednesday in what U.K. Transport Minister Grant Shapps called a “very tragic incident.”

Aerial images revealed the scale of the damage, showing overturned carriages near Stonehaven, just south of the city of Aberdeen, after a ScotRail train derailed on Wednesday morning following heavy rain overnight.

PA Media said three people were believed to have died in the accident while a fourth was missing. Police confirmed that three people had been pronounced dead at the scene, one of whom was the driver.

Stonehaven and the surrounding area had been hit by floods in recent days and some reports suggested a landslide may have played a part in the derailment, although that was not confirmed by the authorities.


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    Who else went straight to the comments?😂”

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    Can you disable the comments for this video? Please and thank you.

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    2020 officially has been the worst year 😵

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    first time ive ever heard Scotland news i guess….

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    Can we get some captions please?

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    Israel done it, they been behind a series of bombings👈👀

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    KARMA for letting an immigrant brown minister call all White Scots racist……

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    Joe Elyahchouchi

    Damn right we have questions. We've been running trains for 200 years, why do we still have accidents?

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    The main thing of interest for everyone coming here to view this is: What caused the train to derail? That's all we care about…even though we all suspect we know the answer and the truth will be obfuscated. Someone ask Sadiq Khan. I hear he has his ear to the ground. Interesting that the reporter's audio was cut at 2:02 just as he was going to say something that someone did not want us to hear.

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    This year is been one of the worst so far for tragedies and we still got just over 4 months to the end of the year, stay strong people.

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    These are always passenger trains, never the ones that transport chemicals to pharma and other corp. Oooops, censorship?

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    Down In Fraggle Rock

    We just had something like this happen in Arizona. Caused a huge fire when it derailed off a bridge.

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    Sympathies from Canada. Indeed the year has had an inordinate number of tragedies. To iterate, yes, stay strong people.

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    God bless, so sad,will pray for yall

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    Konstanley Jerknov

    Good, more people with those accents deserve that fate. North American english is the best english.

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    Our sincerest sympathies and condolences to the families and the nation.

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    Another HST being scrapped

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    Joe Biden, Kamala Harris make first joint public appearance on Presidential ticket doesn't get comments allowed, but this does? Who are you protecting and why Global?

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    Yet no one reported on the 21 killed mass murder in DC…yet if it was BLM..it would be reported…hurts on an election year…….
    This stuff…is, called distractions… yes they rothchild super rich do it..they don’t care. They are after NWO and population reduction…

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    How does this make news? yet something else that shouldn't of happened & who is this Clown who calls himself Boris johnson?

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    God bless the families!

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    I was traveling on that route a couple days ago and had a train booked today in the morning to go back, I am shocked beyond belief, it could be my train…I am genuinely in tears for families of 3 victims :(( very very very sad…

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    Freedom Loving Loyalist

    Very sad.

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    0:06 Is this police spokesman aware that he's unintelligible?
    The world is bigger than your own dialect. We like to hear and sympathize. Why else is the speach for…..

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    Gosh, and I wanted to go to Hogwarts this semester.

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    First three people have died in Scotlands existence.

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    im Dutch why did i get this in recommendations but im a train nut so kinda checks out. i do feel bad for the families of the casualties and am glad rescue services could get there to help the survivors. not gonna lie aint that big of a fan of British trains but seeing 2 trains utterly ruined like that is sad to see but ofcourse not as bad as for the casualties

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    I know Canadian and US infrastructure is over 50 years old, some even over 100 years old. Badly in need of investment, maintenance and replacement. How is Scottish infrastructure?

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    MSM always spouting the evils of Chinese communism but they are breaking records on infrastructure every day.

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    damn looks like the track got washed out

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    So sad,but for a derailment such as this 3 is a low number. My heartfelt condolences to those who lost loved ones.

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    Where is the lead Locomotive unit?? as this is a HST DIESEL train unit!!

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    My thoughts are with the families who lost family members and friends. 🇨🇦

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    I am a Saudi girl and I love Christ, the Jews and all religions, because in my opinion a person’s morals and respect for your religion is the most important thing. 🗣💕🌸🕊🤝.

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    J Henry Phillips

    How fast do those things go?

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    Surprised police scotland could find the train so soon. They usually get lost for 3 days at a time…r.i.p to the people who died.

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    Rest easy 😞🌸

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    That looks horrifying.

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