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28 family members test positive for coronavirus

60-year-old Vidal Garay died after contracting the coronavirus and at least 28 family members have tested positive. CNN’s Erin Burnett spoke with Garay’s son Richard about the impact the virus has had on the family. #CNN #News

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    Seattle CHOP security Guards shot and killed two UNARMED blk teenagers this morning.

    Only FOOLS believe CNN

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    Its a wake up call cos it doesnt differentate race, sex , finanical status !..

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    Message is stay home don't see you're family and die alone.

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    Science: The virus is inside droplet particles that come out of a persons mouth when they talk. A Mask blocks those droplets from spraying out. Hence, a mask is a prevention tool to help stop the spread of the virus. The virus is what makes people sick. Not a mask. Science.

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    The PCR test used to diagnose Covid-19 has NEVER been tested for accuracy, and is likely giving mostly false-positives!!!
    Prove me wrong. Show me a study!!! Everything is riding on this bogus test.

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    Well judging from those pics… They probably didn’t listen or followed any safety guidelines. I mean, yes sure I see safety masks, but they probably took those off when they were with their children… If there is common sense in the world, grandparents and parents used masked between themselves, but sadly failed to when they were with children.

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    We Japanese of color race do not support BLM activities.

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    Funny how celebrities aren't catching or even dying from this so called virus. Guess it just affects the average Joe's of the world.

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    Kimberly Englehardt

    “Have you been careful?” “Yeah. You?” “Yeah.” And then we let our guard down.

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    Were they peaceful protesters or mass beach goers? Sorry for their loss, but the people at CNN and other "news" Corporations have greatly attributed to this tragedy. My empathy and sympathy is about run out at this moment. Remember this "virus" came from CHINA and the government in Beijeing covered it up an let it spread.

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    It's just the flu. Right?

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    Had somebody from CNN yelling at me saying oh you'll see how dangerous covid-19 is that was two months ago when we had no one at my Healthcare organization who was sick not one patient not one staff guess what two months later still not one patient not one staff covid-19 is a big fat political lie it's not what they say it is sure it exists and that gives everybody their weapons but it's not as serious as what they say at all I'm sorry even the regular flu kills people let's be honest with each other and quit lying stop the line stop it hey stupid stop lying

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    Let me tell you something that you all know. It’s absolutely ridiculous that some people still try and, not only defend trump, but also support this fool. I’m sorry, but how on earth can you still think this phony is doing a good job? I get you might not like democrats, but this is beyond political parties now. This is a battle for the survival and future of this nation and donnie is not the “man” to lead us and that’s for damn sure.

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    We've had record TESTING in the last few days!!!

    And despite the illogical claims to the contrary, THIS is where your "surge" in cases is coming from.

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    Someone brought it home and it spread…damn!

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    Javier Fernandez

    "No llores por mi. Nos vemos en el cielo."

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    Anybody who passes away cause of death they put Covid19 multiple nurses told me that I don’t know what to believe anymore but I know it’s the start of a new world order

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    I am so sorry for this family. Condolences on the loss of your Dad. Best wishes and hopes, that everyone comes out of this, healthy and with no long lasting health issues.

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    CNN always has Fake news. That is why day by day it’s viewers are decreasing.

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    I'm so sorry for your lose… I'm doing everything I can to help flatten the curve😔😷

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    Planned-demic Zionist

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    It's rumoured ruth ginsburg is still alive

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    Clarence Davis III

    Am I supposed to feel bad for them?

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    Sick of winning or Winning at being sick?

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    To all the "Karens" shouting "We want our freedom and will not wear a mask"….

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    So sad for your family….God Bless

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    28 Libatards. So Socialism is already ruining America.

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    All the Americans people need is the corona vaccine

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    That’s everyone’s worst nightmare come to a bitter reality. I wish you and your loved ones well. We must all keep safe, to keep each other safe.❤️

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    I’m sorry about that

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    Children among 16 dead and 47 wounded in Chicago this weekend, Joe? Hello? Democrats? CNN? MSNBC? ABC? ANYBODY?

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    Maybe the upcoming generation will be more aware of pandemic possibilities and this will never happen again. I hope.

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    Corona mask are the newest ANTIFA MASK used to SHOW solidarity with the sock puppet Nazis trying to overthrow our United States!
    Make no mistake, they have forced us onto a horrible CIVIL WAR and once the shooting starts thousands of Americans will hunt you instigators down. That goes for the Nazi news network of CNN and MSNBC!!!

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    they look like a very careless and stupid bunch of people. While I sympathize with them but I do not feel sorry for them as they were just plain stupid

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    Hopefully we all test positive for corona antibodies eventually!

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    It's going to get worse before it gets better. Unfortunately it will take many many more dead American loved ones before the population (collective thickness) take responsibility to inform themselves and act to control the virus like all other intelligent countries have done.. Science can save you! Stop listening to your cash/political driven media.

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    Is it just a coincidence that this happened two weeks after the protests, riots and looting? I think not!

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