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25 Tricks Manufacturers Use But You Won’t Fall for It Anymore

You buy a chocolate bar in a package that claims the thing is 25% bigger than its previous version. Then you pick a shampoo that has “only natural ingredients” on the bottle and costs surprisingly little. Ooh! Now stop. Do you really get a great bargain or is it just manufacturers fooling you? Think twice — marketing experts are talented manipulators!

For example, a bag or a bottle itself may look bigger than others produced by the same brand, but its weight can be absolutely the same! Some manufacturers aren’t strangers to using optical illusions to make customers think there is more product than in reality. Empty space inside boxes, inflated plastic bags, labels stuck at the top of glass bottles so that you don’t notice they are half empty…

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Weight 0:30
Ingredients 0:43
Fine print 1:03
Packaging 1:34
Pretty pictures 2:01
Material 2:20
Optical illusions 2:45
“Fresh” or “farm fresh” labels 3:07
Amount of sugar, fat, and calories 3:53
“Special blend” 5:09
Splitting 5:51
“Lower calories” and “reduced fat”? 6:25
Playing with terminology 6:42
Food “for adults” 8:06
“Made with…” 8:28

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– Keep in mind that a product’s ingredients are always listed in order of their proportion.
– An effective trick is to make a product attractive on the outside and leave it blank and boring inside.
– Customers perceive food sold in tall, skinny containers as having fewer calories than those you buy in wider and lower packages.
– People even consider junk food to be of higher quality and healthier if it’s wrapped in kraft paper.
– “Fresh” or “farm fresh” labels on products don’t have anything to do with how fresh the food actually is.
– Most producers show the amount of sugar, fat, and calories for very small serving sizes.
– You can see a product’s packaging claiming that it has “0 trans fat” or “0 saturated fat” per serving. Unfortunately, the manufacturer’s “0” is quite different from your “0.”
– Manufacturers often write that their new product is twice as big as the previous “edition,” but in most cases, it’s not true.
– To make their products look better than they are, manufacturers often create their own mix of healthy ingredients and put this blend at the top of the ingredient list.
– Some stores can go as far as to make their flyers look like parking tickets you just can’t ignore.
– “Lower calories” and “reduced fat” sound tempting! But these are extremely tricky terms. They most likely mean that this product’s version contains fewer calories than the previous one.
– “Made with…” This sign attracts many customers. Unfortunately, a product “made with maple syrup” usually doesn’t contain much, if any real thing.

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