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24 Planets Even Better for Life Than Earth

How many habitable planets are there? Water is the basis of life in any part of the universe. So potentially inhabited planets must have liquid water on them to support life. An incredible number of circumstances must come together for this. The planet must be in the habitable zone of the star. A little closer to the star, and the water will evaporate, leaving no chance for oceans and seas to form. This is what happened on Venus. Too far from the star, and the planet becomes too cold. Water can only exist in the form of ice on the surface and there just might be liquid water deep below. Neptune is one example of this.

In our galaxy alone, there are countless stars. Really you can’t count on them. Near each of them may be a planet. They are called exoplanets. And some of them may be in the habitable zone and have everything for life to form on them. From a list of 4,500 known exoplanets, scientists have identified 24 that can be superhabitable. This is the type of planet that is suitable for the existence and evolution of life even more than the Earth!


What makes a planet habitable 0:01
Teegarden b 3:37
Kepler-1638 b 4:11
LHS 1140 b 4:41
Kepler-452b 5:51
👉 Proxima Centauri b (the closest exoplanet to us!) 👈 6:24
❓ Can we colonize them? ❓ 6:54

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    How long do you think it'll be before we have the ability to colonize other planets?

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    Alternate Title: 24 Planets that are gonna die soon because of Humans

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    Call me addicted but I was watching a Game Theorist video and said that Venus has a place that has the same map as fortnite but this planet looks like the entire save the world fortnite map.

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    Christopher Rodgers

    Video title: Habitable planets..
    Also same video: they are 100 light years away.

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    venus isn't to close to the sun it would be about the same temperature if it wouldn't have that much co2 .

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    Venus is NOT to close to the sun. It is in the habitial zone. Get some facts if you want people to watch.

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