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2020 is shaping up to be a contentious election. It isn't the first.

The 2020 election seems poised to follow some contentious political footsteps. From Lincoln’s 1860 election to the 2000 Bush v. Gore recount, here are a few contentious presidential elections past. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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    Trump 2020!!

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    You're going to gitmo and Trump voters will landslide 2020. Msm is goin DOWN! FK U

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    Sudheera Semasinghe

    why this narrator girl is whispering?

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    Even common sense can’t find a path to the mind of MAGA.Trickle down or lie to the middle class and lower class that cutting taxes on the rich will trickle down to you. Bluntly the only thing that trickles down by cutting taxes on the top1% is piss. And voting for Trump because one still believes he’ll create jobs will leave you with a wet pair of pants.

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    Ramone' Detroitguam

    0:53 tells us Democrats was slavery-pro…?

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    “Hard times create strong men, strong men create good times,
    good times create weak men, and weak men create hard times.”
    Trump was elected by the hardest frontline working states.
    Good economy revved up w/Trump, those times are helping us during these challenging moments, but we still need a stimulus.
    If Biden gets in those good times will now prove the theory above — weak men.
    Let’s keep the good for 4 more years. America needs Trump for us to rebound, even though some don’t realize it yet. Sincerely, US Army Vet Female 🇺🇸 ❤️

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    Trump will receive an unequivocal mandate.

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    President Trump 2020!!!

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    Screw everyone supporting these shutdowns over a weak virus !!

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    VOTE and say NO to Sleepy Joe O'Biden! Help Obama keep his Netflix deal! 🤣👎🤭

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    The only reason happened among demons ( names and appears to be democratic) is the combination of big guys in high tech and small guys with nothing to wipe the middle guys with something, for the path to the future with only robots and big guys, which we called communism. Wake up American! If you have no chance to be a big guy or don’t want to be nothing!

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    Everything you hear now will be RUSSIA PROPAGANDA VOTE TRUMP OUT

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    The 2DT-Vlog by TheDdreams

    Umm. No, it won't. Well, my stuff won't because I have decided to stop participating in white supremacy & created my own where I work within myself to accomplish entrepreneurship & social programs to help the poor & all in a community one of my company's project is in to allow them to also participate in our stuff & not white supremacy.

    This is happening whether Biden wins or lose, so it is going to happen & when it does & it works as I know it would, then more people would be playing with me than participating in white supremacy, other than paying taxes, that is all we would need from them, everything else, including funding schools, we'll do ourselves. Including protecting ourselves & reserve the police to arrest those we stopped from harming or stealing or raping or molestation, & white-collar crimes.

    Yes, since they want to keep white supremacy in the way they do their jobs? Combining a reason I didn't join the service as a teen of not meeting my life to value to what was paying me to be in that service putting my life in danger for "crackhead $" & now, I can use God's money & create a platform where I can pay & treat & not send them into harm's way.

    Unless I go with them to give every veteran of working-age & higher rank the elder veterans, to become Knights within my company for $2.5 Million & up with 6 months on duty by shifts & 6 months (but they must complete 1 year of training & they should take that 6 months to get that in) with a need to pay them better, I would just pay them decent & give them more time to be not on duty.

    I see money differently, you see $2,500,000 as too much to pay a Knight, I see $2,500,000,000 for payment of 1,000 Knights ($5 Billion for 1,000 Knights more for off duty replacements) as money well spent. So $5,500,000,000,000 is a stretch of a budget, but I would pay it just so 1,000 communities within this nation would have Knights in it. Imagine what would do for that community's economy?

    I would start a non-profit of security in-house for my entire company & extend free services to the community my company does business out of or Emergency Rescue or asked by a resident of a community to help their hood. We're not for hire.

    How to keep the cops out? Only if the local force has been shown to be a threat to the community is when I would suggest this measure. The persons of that community are going to have to first put restraining orders on the cop on the force, each because I see them as a threat to those residence & not savers.

    The Good cop bad cop mess doesn't mean a thing if the good cops are not doing good to stop bad cops from doing bad things. I see it as we have to start making Boss kinds of decisions & asking our "employees" to stop killing us, is a dumb argument that I refuse to participate in. I told you once, you pretend like you didn't hear me, then I won't ask anymore & fix it my damnself.

    Blacks & whites in that community must put a restraining order on the local law enforcement & then my company's non-profit security division would buy up abandon homes & rebuild them for multiple stations in that hood for the knights on the beat or lookout or a bus team to take every child on that block or hood to & pick up from school & practice to home.

    Oversee the playgrounds & help keep the community clean & grassed cut with the budget every knight would oversee to be servants to the community they are servicing. Drive-by shooters would be stopped before they put the guns outside of the window, we'll see them coming in hoods like that & surrounded & get shot up if they shoot.

    Choosing these Vet as Knights also makes sense because They are used to war too & if gang bangers want to try them, "good luck", but we'll have air support too. Duh! If I would put $5 trillion into my security division, for sure our "equipment" would be invented by us too & top of the line. We won't invent to sell weapons neither, I don't trust people like that, my inventions are to defend but in the wrong hands, they can alter it to do harm & so unless it saves lives, it won't be for sell.

    Waiting on people to see me as a human when I know God does; it doesn't make sense to pretend they do. All of my works are of God & so it will be God protecting us, not me. As the Company with P/T Knights, We ain't playing nomo.

    Also, we would protect them the people we held & turn over to the police too. Depends & have to go through a process & the victim can stop it, but we would also pay bail, & defend them in court with investigative & if we already know you're guilty whether we detained you or not, you better plea or don't call us. I sometimes feel sorry for Attorneys, how can you defend a guilty person to get them off, or even how can prosecute a person if you doubt they didn't do it. Even worse, as a Judge, how can you make judgment on a person & sometimes give harsher sentences to people who look a certain way?

    We'll have teams to help free people too like scientists teams to do our own tests. And, if they skip out on our bail? We would come & get them too. This security division would have a division for all kinds of security, including payroll processing.

    This security division was always planned but after June 16, 2017, & the year after & after that until today, I can't trust cops nomo. So knowing my company will be huge, I can't trust them to protect the people "playing with me", so The Hard Head Knights Of Protection (The2HKOPs) will not only fill that need & give me some sense of being cool to stop worrying about the safety of them & pay them as are suppose to be paid. It would become graduation from the service, in all nations. Becoming a The2HKOP is a better pay level than the service.

    I do know this, y'all better be glad I didn't want to be president. Because something like how they are being paid would have been a pay raise for all of them, $250 trillion would have been our Defense budget & Payroll would have been most of it. LOL Lucky Conservatives.

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    The problem is the people, if more people voted then more politicians would be held accountable and more of them would speak out if the President is being a moron.

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    It’s massive because people want law and order not chaos and riots like the Democrats want and support. Why do you think gun sales are through the roof.

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    “ThE cIvIl WaR wAs OvEr SlAvErY” 🙄🙄🙄

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    I largely support WP content, however I do have an issue with the narrator of this clip. She speaks quickly to get through the material, and I understand that. But what makes it so very annoying and, at times, unintelligible is the prevalence of vocal fry- that is the unsupported and non sustained breath support which trails off at the end of every utterance into what sounds like a creaking frog. A vocal coach and speech therapy would be in order. (It's becoming far too common these days esp. among younger public announcers, lending a superficial impression of junior high speech and lacking in "gravitas" otherwise)

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    As much as I wanted Gore to win in 2000 looking back I don't think he would've handled our fight back against Afghanistan as well as the Bush admin however I don't think we would've wasted our time with Iraq and yep I said it was a waste of time.

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    Except one is a Comminist lackey.

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    ………..I inhale lysol and inject disinfectant and drink bleach…

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