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    Yupiambob the Creator from Duluth Minnesota and my certification's

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    The SECRET of All Secret Societies

    The Third Eye. The Pyramids.

    The Third Eye = Telepaths, psychics. Nearly half of the global population is telepathic/psychic. Referred to in the modern day, as 'Awakening/Opening the Third Eye', telepaths/psychics aren't permitted to disclose much information to those who are not awake/aware i.e. psychic/telepathic. There are rules. There is a policing force also made of secret societies.

    The Pyramids = Ancient Pyramids of Egypt. Regarded as mysterious, with questions remaining to present day as to the purpose of their construction, answers are kept hidden within secret societies and the minds of telepaths. Revealed to only those who awaken their third eye and become telepathic, is the marvel of electricity existing in ancient times. Concepts of Free Energy are originally derived from the ancient pyramids, known for producing free electricity in mass volumes, instantaneously. This secret along with the actual methods that were used and needed to produce free energy are kept secret by half the world and regulated by secret societies. The pyramids were turned OFF a long time ago, they can be turned ON today if the secret and hidden powers to be wanted the world to have free energy.

    How? Electrical components, Inductors and Transformers (coils), do not transfer electricity but actually create free electricity. Solar energy fed back into an inductor or transformer, can create unlimited electricity instantaneously. Norms (non-telepaths), are often discouraged and confused when attempting to study electrical engineering or physics due to the false assertion of Electrons. There are no such thing as electrons, they are taught only to confuse norms so they don't figure out the solution to the worlds energy problems.

    There is a reason why the cartoon 'Transformers' was created, along with the lyric in it's theme song, "Transformers – More Than Meets The Eye."

    Trump is CURED! For more Secrets Released to the public, Vote Trump!!

    God Bless Sirius and the Grey Aliens.

    God bless QANON

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    I wouldn‘t have found a better title…

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    April 13, 2005 Pentagon rm#232 briefing to the CIA DOD ID 149AZ2 The plan to users nano precision medicine to alter the religious fundamentalism as a genetic expression via a "flu" novelty virus be for and vaccines, his theory ,his conspiracy! Global doom because we see you.

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    I agree with president Erdogan ☺️👏

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    wtf is that title lmao

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    😂 omg ahahaha!

    No one can possibly gain from this circus hahah

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    Making fun of our Holy Prophet (PBUH) is verbal terrorism of unfathomable magnitude which West doesn’t realise.

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    Stupid Macron

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    In Turkey, beheading of non Muslims (and many Muslims) is considered a good deed

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    Please put meaningful titles on your videos. I don't click on a lot of them simply because I have no idea what they're about.

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    At the same time, Muslims are not boycotting Chinese products, while at the same time China has put hundreds of thousands of Muslim Uyghurs in concentration camps. But Muslim countries don't dare to criticize China.

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    instead of insulting each other why not look for away to get these people back home. they are to different right now. we can not take the violence and they can not let anything slide that is different.

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    Best title ever…clickbait lol

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    Long live Erdoğan👏👏❤❤❤

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    How can the Turkish dictator even remotely say that

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    The title of this video is not in an English Language, but in a Mathematical Language….

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    So let me get this straight, Erdogan’s remarks were unacceptable? So You the French can’t tolerate these remarks from the Turkish leader about the French leader yet it’s their freedom to say whatever they wish to say about Islam and Muslims, insulting a prophet that over a billion people hold dear to their hearts too? Perfect example of French arrogance!

    There’s a huge difference between freedom of
    Expression and the freedom to hurt and insult-if you can’t distinguish between the two then you’re not decent people worthy of any respect. No decent human should upset and disrespect anyone under the guise of “freedom of expression.”

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    Beheading people on the streets is ok, a picture and a remark are NOT

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    Romania stands with Macron. 🇷🇴 ❤️ 🇪🇺

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    France half burning today,,

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    erdogan is a sociopath hostile to humanity and freedom.

  25. Avatar

    Erdogan is nucking FUTS!

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    Here we go again, more wars on the way….

  27. Avatar

    I hate the world leaders, the Wolves, and foxes, and their weapons of mass destruction that is called the government!

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    Kick turkey out of nato and take back constantinople!!! If turkey was kicked out of nato the Armenian Azerbaijan war wouldn't have started

  29. Avatar

    they can make a utc fight and we gonna see who is the real men

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    You have always chosen fascism. Alas, this will be end of you inshallah

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    اشترك الان قناة القران الكريم

    Islam is the true religion 👍👍👍😍😍

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    Erdugan 👍👍👍

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