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  1. Avatar

    Horrible atrocity. I did a livestream about this topic last night. I wonder was the attack really about freedom of speech or was it about macron? Because afterwards the murderer made a statement online criticising macron

  2. Avatar

    According to Islam the man has the right to behead the demon that proclaimed lies.

    I'm not against that.

  3. Avatar

    I'm for beheading demons who practise "State sponsored TERRORISM"… Who isn't!?!?

  4. Avatar

    It appears that the French are getting really fed up with their immigrant problems. I stand with them.

  5. Avatar

    Religion of peace strikes again.

  6. Avatar

    We need a Muhammad Cartoon Day until this becomes normal. Stop religious fanaticism.

  7. Avatar

    Freedom of speach day

  8. Avatar

    Open boarders ! Lmao what a disaster

  9. Avatar

    It's time to start burning korans

  10. Avatar

    Remember all those beheadings when America invaded the middle east after 9/11? I'm pretty sure it was the CIA to demonize Muslims.

  11. Avatar

    on a besoin d'amour et de respect, la liberté d'expression c'est le respect des autres

  12. Avatar

    we do not draw cartoons of Jesus because our prophet taught us to respect all the saints and you must respect Islamic saints too.

  13. Avatar
    Maksymilian Wojtarowicz

    France ist die !!!!!

  14. Avatar

    France's problems will only get worse. This atrocity happened because of its open door policy on migrants. The EU bureaucrats have a lot to answer for. France's economy will also get worse now the UK 🇬🇧 has severed its ties. No more negotiations. No more extensions, no matter What Brussels tells you, they lie, again! and again. No more money, no more fish. Free trade or nothing. We walked away. UK is free country 👍

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