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20 Things Can’t Be Seen Anywhere But in Japan

Elements from Japanese culture are in our lives right now: many people watch anime and Japanese TV series, they eat wok and sushi, and they listen to songs by Japanese singers. And even such a seemingly ordinary thing as karaoke actually originated in Japan. However, there are still some things that can only be seen in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Really, Japan is a unique country, different from the rest of the world. Wanna have Pringles soup when in Japan? Here you go. In the mood for dinner with a huge plush Moomin in a Japanese cafe? Not a problem at all. Here are some cultural things can’t be seen anywhere but in Japan.

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Green rabbit called Miffy 0:34
Amazing head massagers 1:00
What Izakaya is 1:20
Square watermelons 1:48
Pringles is a noodle brand 2:26
Coffee in a bottle 2:44
Plush Moomin as your lunch companion 3:18
Pokemon-shaped cookies 3:43
Sauce that keeps the rice together 4:03
KFC instead of more traditional food 4:28
A stationery store which rises 12 floors 4:50
50 million vending machines 5:30
Japan-limited Kit-Kats 5:52
Free tissues on the streets 6:10
One-use pocket-heaters 6:36
Purikura 7:04
Rice of different colors 7:34
A subway chin rest 8:13
Cool taxi 8:43
Sightseeing cars with… footbaths 9:10

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– Most people know that a sure sign they CAN cross the road is the little, lit-up green man, right? Well, not in Japan! There, you should wait for a green rabbit called Miffy.
– In Japan, they grow square watermelons. Nope, it’s not a slip of the tongue. In Kagawa prefecture, they produce a couple hundred square watermelons a year.
– When you buy Pringles in Japan, you don’t get a tube of potato chips; you get noodles!
– In Japan, if you come to a cafe alone, you get a massive plush Moomin as your lunch companion so that you don’t feel sad!
– A Holiday meal means tons of tasty food and, of course, a big roast turkey! But if you ever celebrate the Holidays while in Japan, don’t get surprised to be treated with KFC instead of more traditional food.
– In the Ginza district of Tokyo, there’s an unusual stationery store which rises 12 floors!
– There are more than 50 million vending machines in Japan, and that means they’re literally everywhere!
– If you’re in Japan and wondering what souvenirs you can get for your family and friends, try Japan-limited Kit-Kats!
– Suffering from the cold in the winter? Just get yourself one of these one-use pocket-heaters that are so popular in Japan! It’s called kairo, and nowadays, you just need to open it for the chemical reaction to begin.
– Do you love unusual forms of art? Then how about rice paddy art? People plant rice of different colors and types to create breathtaking images in paddy fields.
– Imagine returning home after a long and crazy day at work. The Japanese have found a solution for this problem – and that’s a subway chin rest!

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    Hey there, BrightSiders! Would you rather get a Japanese head massage or eat a Pokemon-shaped cookie?

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    As a Japanese, I have never seen most of that mentioned in this video…

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    Is this a lie or what?

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    I’m living in Japan for more than 10years and I haven’t seen a Pringle’s cup noodles brand

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    0:45 I've seen this rabbit traffic light in Netherlands but never seen this in Japan…

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    ok just admit it…

    all of you who r not japanese(u probably could be who knows) are just otaku or weebs

    PS: idk if this info i wrong or not but lookin at the rest of the comments i think it is.

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    Did You Know That They Have Toilet Cushions in Japan? I Don't Know If Japan Only Have This But Yeah!

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    I'm Japanese too. Here's proof:
    I don't see these things. Most of them are false.

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    Am I supposed to believe this?

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    I’m Japanese but almost all of these are false

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    This happens when you don't know anything but just keep talking nonsense 🙄🙄😒😒😑😑

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    No place like home. I Love New York! ♡

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    Am I the only Japanese here who is doubting myself whether I am actually a Japanese after watching this video😂

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    I have lived here in Japan for 35 years and have only encountered 7 /20 of these. There is a specialized Kit-Kat store in Tokyo station….

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    Eilyn Joie Reyes

    U can literally like rent a girlfriend or a whole family in japan

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    minecraft has taken over the melons

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    Urban Legends?😀

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    Is Brightside a weeaboo?

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    Ok cool cool but one thing WHERE'S THE ANIME
    Bright Side : Nani?

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    Any mallus are watching this,☺️🖐️

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    the taxi doors are not automatic there is a leaver the driver pulls to open the door and close it.

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    Im a Japanese some are wrong

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    I’m not even Japanese and I know most of these aren’t true/common

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    I thought sqaure watermelon was inspired by Minecraft. 😂👍

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