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2 suspected ISIS terrorists are in US to face charges

Members of the so-called “Beatles” ISIS cell, who are accused of playing a role in the kidnapping and execution of American journalist James Foley, are now facing charges.

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    Jennifer Anderson

    We, the taxpayers, shouldn't have to pay for their stay in prison.

  2. Avatar

    Not for nothing, but we should cut their limbs off and leave them in the forest,

  3. Avatar
    Jennifer Anderson

    Deport them and let them face charges elsewhere. Taxpayers shouldn't have to pay for their life in prison.

  4. Avatar

    Say take them to prison where the tax payers dime, yeah ok put em to the chair

  5. Avatar
    Spirit CrossWind


  6. Avatar

    No doubt Ilhan wants to post a bail on their behalf!
    The government simply needs to include her complicity on one of these cases where she was simply that, COMPLICIT!!!! Among a myriad of other charges, etc. And get rid of the phony scarf which signifies you’re a seditious traitor to the constitution.
    Go ahead, let me hear your oath, the one you’ve maligned since taking office, you seditious clown !

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    ilovepork and chicken


  8. Avatar

    Will there be protests on how ISIS Lives Matter?

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    01:26 Need lovely 😍💞❤️

  10. Avatar



    I need boyfriend 💋💞

  11. Avatar

    The title should say, Two former C.I.A/Israeli Mossad assets handed over as strawmen.

  12. Avatar
    Caligula Fortuna

    Execute them

  13. Avatar
    henrietta ramirez


  14. Avatar

    Why doesn't someone shoot these mother fuckers???

  15. Avatar

    If Biden or Harris thought they could get a few votes out of it, they'd be visiting them in jail

  16. Avatar

    They going to be with 72 Bubbas

  17. Avatar

    Death penalty

  18. Avatar

    Hang these bitches!!!!! Or cut their heads off like they did our people!!!

  19. Avatar

    You would give them a stimulus check if you could

  20. Avatar
    Sameer Champawat


  21. Avatar
    Birhanu Woldegebriel

    They kill they have to die

  22. Avatar

    solitary confinement.. rot in hell 🤘

  23. Avatar
    Birhanu Woldegebriel

    Americans have to be start kill the killers ,

  24. Avatar
    Sage Mcfarland Freya Townsend

    Awesome 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

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    So these people were all in a high-risk areas on their own accord and the American public is supposed to be out raged by the fact that two Islamic terrorist did bad things to Americans that made bad decisions. Instead of expecting us to be out raged why not expect our citizens to have more common sense

  26. Avatar
    3nterprise Official

    Look at their eyes, look at them good, innocent… how would we know for sure

  27. Avatar

    Vote and Pray 🙏 #Trump2020 and keep this Country safe from the lying Democrats #MAGA20

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  29. Avatar

    Is this for real or Hollywood.

  30. Avatar

    how nice drinking tea and chilling :v

  31. Avatar

    Life in prison??? That’s it? What a joke! That’s not justice!

  32. Avatar

    Named The Beatles just because they have British accents?

  33. Avatar

    "British citizens"

  34. Avatar

    VP DEBATE : Harris got her ass handed to her by VP Pence. Kameltoe Hairy got DESTROYED ! Pence busted her on several lies. “You can have your opinion, you CAN’T have your own facts”. Well done Pence, for showing America what she stands for and what she’ll do if elected. Democrats lose yet again. 🙀. 👩🏿‍🦰

  35. Avatar

    can you send these 2 guys to FSM, we glad to trial them in the shark ocean.

  36. Avatar

    Battle??? Really?

  37. Avatar

    Execute them now

  38. Avatar

    Cut their heads off with the jagged edge of a knife.

  39. Avatar

    If Obama had sons…

  40. Avatar

    I'm just waiting for them to string up Mohammed Bin Salman for the murder of Khashoggi and the war crimes against the people of Yemen.

  41. Avatar

    These two are just austere religious scholars.

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    Islam Is Not For The West

    This is Islam. All mosque in the United States should be TORN down. This is what Islam breeds.

  43. Avatar

    So we will put them in a tax paid private prison where they will click with half the population and live out there days.

  44. Avatar
    Positive Infinity Positive Infinity

    Watch Trump someone take credit for this and Fox News as well as Trump zombies celebrate

  45. Avatar

    Put these two in a dark room together. Give them nothing!!

  46. Avatar

    None of their victims were soldiers. What sleezy cowards!!!

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