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17 Quick Tips to Charge Your Phone As Fast As Possible

Hey there! So you’re scrolling through the newsfeed when you get a message in another app. You try to switch to it, but your phone is awfully slow to react and then stops responding altogether. And it’s also almost out of power! It’s twofer! So how do you optimize it and charge it fast?

Every app you open once stays in the background until you close it or reboot your phone. It’s stored in the memory for quick access, so naturally, the more apps you’ve got opened, the slower your device. If you close them all, or at least those you haven’t used for a long time, you’ll notice the difference in performance!

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Close everything you don’t use 0:25
Update your firmware 0:51
Get rid of anything that moves 1:20
Update your apps 1:45
Reboot your phone 2:14
Clear the cache 2:43
Remove apps you stopped using 3:09
Clear your messages 3:36
Control your background data 4:04
Troubleshoot faulty apps 4:30
Force reset 5:08
Charge your phone faster 5:38
Check the temperature 6:39
Move to the cloud 7:12
Cut down on data usage 7:44
Try custom launchers 8:13
Root your device 8:46

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– Newer firmware is available to download and install online, and you should receive notifications about the updates by default.
– Everything that floats and wiggles on your screen uses up additional resources, although it does look cool, granted.
– When it comes to tech and software, new is almost always better.
– By rebooting your phone, you clear the RAM, or random-access memory, from everything that clutters it, and that speeds it up.
– You can clear the cache manually for each app, but there are free solutions available in Play Store and App Store that will do it much faster.
– Just like with computers, things you have installed on your phone take up space and leave other traces in the system.
– A single text message may not take much space, but tons of them weigh literal tons, memory-wise.
– Some apps, such as location and weather ones, use up data in the background with you none the wiser.
– Even a single app lagging behind may slow down the whole system.
– Many modern phones come with a built-in fast charging system that allows them to pick up juice two or even three times faster than usual. The only catch is that you need the original charger for that.
– Your phone is very sensitive – temperature-wise: if it’s too hot or too cold, it’ll experience all kinds of issues, from working really slow to crashing altogether.
– The simplest way to free up some space on your device is to transfer all available files to cloud services.
– Browsing can get real slow when you’ve exceeded your data limit for the day.

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