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13 suspects charged for alleged plot to kidnap Michigan governor l GMA

Several of the suspects are from two militia groups that threatened to kidnap and possibly kill Gov. Gretchen Whitmer. Six men face federal charges, while seven others face state charges.

After foiled kidnapping plot, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer
says threats against her are ‘ongoing’:

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    They really pulled a drake and josh and
    Said “kidnap the governor”

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    Those guys are cia,real militia wouldnt do anything after the. Michigan supreme court's ruling,lol this is to funny

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    This is starting to look like a movie

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    Governor Gretchen Whitmer aka King George III of England

    State Capitol

    Lansing, Michigan

    Dear Wicked Witch of Michigan:

    I cannot but feel sympathetic towards the illegal actions of that militia group wanting to take action against the illegal and unconstitutional mandates imposed through forced lockdowns on the people of your state. Those mandates are clearly unconstitutional under the first amendment of the U. S. Constitution pertaining to freedom of religion and Article II, Section 3 of U. S. Constitution (separation of powers clause) What this group did was to follow the actions of those who fought King George’s inexcusable tyranny flying flasks that read ”don’t tread on me” and particularly the words of Patrick Henry’s speech where he remarked and I paraphrase “we have remonstrated our grievances against the King and constantly sought redress from this tyranny in which he constantly oppresses us but now is the time to take action and that is exactly what this group did be it legal or illegal.

    Your actions are not only against the people but God Himself who gave us liberty to worship Him in the manner in which he prescribes including to be able to assemble together in worship and sing without restriction (masks) And by imposing such retractions you aroused God’s anger which has yet to be seen which when it comes (and it surely will) will not be nice or pretty

    Don’t try to weasel out of the blame calling. YOU ARE TO BLAME FOR THIS UPRISING NOT PRESIDENT TRUMP. If you had not done this tyranny none of this would have ever happened. You have created a DESPARATE situation for the people and now DESPARATE measures (both legal and illegal) will be taken to get relief from their desperation.

    I join with the people of Michigan in their attempts to get redress from your unconstitutional and illegal mandates and hopefully non violent. If they resort to further violence which I do not endorse but I can certainly understand I will put the real blame on you and not them


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    Domestic terrorism we should say that more often

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    I had no clue that Pelosi had a daughter! Maybe sister? Definitely related

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    "We have to wear mask and social distance during a pandemic lets go kill a women!!!!" Trump supporters are the real snowflakes.

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    Make it Clear. Per The F.B.I. the Governor was not in Danger.
    Make it Clear. These Individuals could not find enough support to pull off this Plan.
    Because, most Americans they associated with don't believe in this style Justice. It's wrong.
    Be Clear MSM, we all heard the multiple Press Conferences President Trump made in 2017, 2019 Disavowing Racists & white Supremacists. Be Clear, President Trump in the debate was asked to tell Groups to "Stand By and Stand Down" from Chris Wallace and asked by the Democrat Leader Joe Biden to say that to the "Proud Boys" that are not a RACIST group. They have Black, Hispanic, Asian Leaders throughout the organization.

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    Lol Trump was responsible for catching them in the first place, and this is how you thank him? Lefties have no dignity.

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    A governor who wants to defund police, and refuses to allow federal law enforcement to intervene against antifa/blm.
    Just had her rear saved…by federal law enforcement intervention!!!

    Who did they catch:
    Right wingers?
    antifa conspirators?
    (The guy leading this… has an antifa flag on his wall)

    And all she can do… is blame Trump!

    She is nothing more than another "victim card"!!!

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    CasingADream W.NueCases

    I’m laughing at how my guy went back and told home girl & Goodmorning to you too bitch 😂☺️😂🤣😂

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    And Trump's the one who has been orchestrating it all, that alone should disqualify him for reelection.😠

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    Frame job, demoncrates setup then blame President Trump, his supporters? Just as demi's want total "Lock Down", when country economy falls the blame President Trump..All in the name of their Father of All Lies, Distruction, that Robs and Destroys! Guess who?

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    Next it will be Biden’s Deep State knocking on American Citizens doors White Black or Brown from their paranoia of losing power and google will be their right hand!!!

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    good news, lock them up

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    This has self kidnapping written all over it.

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    Gotta love all the libs on here who've suddenly discovered domestic terrorism after cities burning for months on end

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    https://youtu.be/1m5sn5TeV8o ….

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    Im part of that group too

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    This will be Biden’s America with the help of google knocking on all Americans Doors WAKE Up America!!!!!!

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    1:37 I stopped my 9-5 with the help of, p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m

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    It's just proof positive how ignorant and stupid Trump's base has become. Not they were that intelligent to begin with from the start. These morons and the proud boys couldn't fight their way out of a wet paper bag. And before I go. How can you tell a happy proud boy father of 3? He has a 14 year old sister. You're welcome.

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    What part of the planning phase was this in. the sitting around the table drinking beer phase

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    I bet you $1,000 the government push these people in that direction give him ideas Supply them with what do you need it. They do entrapment all the time they probably the ones who suggested it

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    frozen samcrac mrfreshasian amyschumer nodiggity cowboys stan

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    DEATH PENALTY FOR ALL OF THEM (Michigan doesn't have the death penalty but still)

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    MSM lies.

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    charged with terrorism #ABC that's why you get called #FakeNews and it rings true

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