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12-year-old makes 'significant' dinosaur discovery near Drumheller

An aspiring paleontologist made a discovery in Alberta 69 million years in the making — and he’s only 12.

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  1. Avatar

    Free Assange now. Truthful journalist: He’s a modern day HERO

  2. Avatar

    Best give that child the millions he deserves

  3. Avatar

    Cudos to a dad that takes his kid fossil hunting.

  4. Avatar

    Sure he did. Props to the dad for having him take the credit.

  5. Avatar

    I could trip over one and just keep walking looking at my phone.

  6. Avatar

    what an experience for a 12-yeared old

  7. Avatar

    after having the highlight of your life at just 12
    its all downhill from here lol

  8. Avatar

    You guys showed an image of a Parasaurolophus , not a Hadrosaurus.

  9. Avatar

    West needs to separate and let 'canada' inject themselves with al the vaccines they want.

  10. Avatar

    Comment on this video but not the teacher beheading story. Hey CBC we see what you are doing.

  11. Avatar

    How cool! You're well on your way to being a recognized scientist in the field!!

  12. Avatar

    Congratulations in all respects, and it's nice to see such a young lad being this enthusiastic about what evidently is an interesting field of science. Bravo!

  13. Avatar


  14. Avatar

    This is what kids need…to be engaged in what interests them, and hands on is what creates the professionals of the future.

  15. Avatar

    Congratulations that’s amazing 😍!

  16. Avatar

    open up comments CBC. you look weak as f with your selective on/off comment sections.


  17. Avatar

    Great way to get a "full ride scholarship." Wonderful discovery but it really seems like they were shooting fish in a barrel; a bit contrived; making it much easier for the child to go to a prestigious college.

    – – –

    Drumheller is the heart of the Canadian Badlands and is widely recognized as "Dinosaur Capital of the World."

  18. Avatar

    So cute omg 😩🔥❤️❤️

  19. Avatar

    aha…so then the approach of mentioning that he is 12 helps how with this news? why not just simply state a boy; or just give his name? … also why are some news allowed be commented on while other is not even though it is being broadcasted by the same state sponsored agency – aka that lobster fishery that burned down on purpose since they were probably going out of business due to the virus and hence needed the insurance money to get out in the positive.

  20. Avatar

    no other specie son this planet, and beyond, attaches so much meaning and takes so much pride in uncovering dead things and displaying them. i mean, not even god does this. something very carnal in substance imprinted ad embedded within our disturbed psyche i tell you.

  21. Avatar
    Freedom Loving Loyalist

    Congrats kid.

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