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12 Strange Things You Only See in India

India is undoubtedly one of the most interesting countries in the world. For outsiders, it’s a country of mystery, with an exotic culture and tradition of ancient wisdom we never encounter at home. It strikes us with its contrasts. It’s a place full of odd customs and curiosities. Bright Side gathered 12 amazing facts about this country of spices that will show India from a completely different side.

I bet you never thought that India is the birthplace of all plastic surgery! Yup, among India’s most sacred texts, there’s one that baffles surgeons and medical experts to this day. It was written by the ancient Indian surgeon Sushruta somewhere between 1000 BCE and 500 BCE. The text describes tons of unbelievably complex surgical procedures! Can you imagine that?

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The quirks of Indian English 0:29
Beautifully adorned toes 1:27
Unbreakable promises 2:08
The birthplace of plastic surgery 2:34
Twice the Hollywood 3:30
Holy rats! 4:28
Bull surfing…narly! 5:37
Who to thank for your clean hair! 6:29
Serious wildlife conservation 7:13
Towers of Silence 8:27
Packed like sardines in trains 9:12
Pageants for true beauties 10:08

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– India is one of the largest English-speaking countries in the world, second only to the US. But in a country with around 880 spoken languages, only 22 of which are even officially recognized, it’s no wonder Indian English may sometimes tickle your ear in a strange way.
– In India, when two loving hearts decide to marry each other, the groom must put a wedding ring on his bride’s… toe? Yep, that’s the custom! These wedding rings are called “bichiya,” and every bride wears them on both her second toes as a sign of her newly married state.
– Most people in India believe that a spoken word has immense power within it. And if you break a promise, you’ll enrage spirits and deities.
– India’s Bollywood is the largest film industry in the world. It produces about 1,200 films every year – that’s twice the amount that Hollywood puts out.
– If you ever go to the village of Anandapally after harvest season, then you might be able to watch some bull surfing! Can you imagine riding on a board with the power of two oxen in your hands?!
– The original word “champu” means “massage” and was initially used to describe the process of hair strengthening with herbs common in India.
– India gets a lot of criticism for its pollution problem, which there’s no denying that it’s a serious one. But that doesn’t say anything about Indian people’s attitude towards wildlife. There are 104 national parks in India, with over 15,000 square miles of overall coverage.
– India is not only home to rare wildlife species, but some uncommon ideologies too. One of them is Zoroastrianism. Zoroastrians believe fire and earth to be sacred fundamental elements, so it’s really undesirable for them to bury or cremate their departed.
– Indian has the fourth largest railway system in the world, with almost 42,000 miles of track overall. But if you want to keep a pleasant impression of this country in your heart, then you might wanna avoid trains at all costs.
– “The Most Beautiful Indian Elephant” contest happens each year on the full moon between February and March, and this pageant is a key part of Jaipur’s famous Elephant Festival. Nowhere else in the whole world are these gorgeous giants celebrated like they are here.

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    India is a very vast country. It has 29 different states with each state having it's own language. And even each state is divided into few parts based on the culture. Literally some times each village has a mystery to find out. There are thousands of villages all over India. Even the union territories have their own language and customs. It will take you years to travel all over India to find all the mysteries. You didn't mention even a little about South India. You better visit South India when you come back to India again. I am proud to be an Indian.

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