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12 Most Ambitious Abandoned Objects That Really Exist

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Big projects come with big risks, and sometimes those risks end up outweighing the project’s benefits. That leads to truly impressive objects and buildings being abandoned, and in some cases, they’re abandoned before they’re even finished! There are many reasons why an ambitious engineering or construction project might be given up and left behind, and we’re about to take a look at some of the most stunning and striking of them all in this video.

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  1. Avatar
    Sarojinidevi Thambapillai

    Why don’t the Government and private sector get involved fix the place and use it according the need for example if it’s good for houses get use for housing if it’s good for factories use for factory

  2. Avatar

    Packard plant is gone, helped tear it down, found some nice chemical dumps on site.

  3. Avatar
    Thermodyne Systems

    WOOD PEAKER? Worlds largest Spark-Gap generator. ILLEGAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Avatar

    That's a lot of scrap metal and beer money. Now I have a plan b in case covid 19 ruins my business.

  5. Avatar

    Wish you would credit Shiey for taking some of their footage..

  6. Avatar

    My first thought when you showed Garage number 7 was – Wow…….that place would make an amazing nightclub!!!

  7. Avatar

    This guy has obviously not been to any city in China. Taxis are everywhere and are still an extremely common means of transportation. It's still prohibitive for everyone to own a car, which is a very good thing considering their population density in most cities would make it impossible to drive on a city street if everybody owned one. They also have limitations on the age of a vehicle that can be licensed on the road, which means, unlike here in the USA, you cannot use an old car (probably older than five years old) as a private vehicle.

  8. Avatar

    Amazing how structures crumble once abandoned. Why is that?

  9. Avatar

    Disney World is in Florida. Disney Land is In California

  10. Avatar

    DisneyWorld is in Florida. Disneyland is in California.

  11. Avatar
    Aristidis Dragona Stavros

    Soviet union resumed

  12. Avatar

    Wow! Mudurno is really a place where one can "keep up with the Joneses!!" LOL

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    Rams Eye The Track Guy

    This is fake. We all know that at 5:43, Hitler wasn't bothered because the war turned against him in 1945.

    Reports vary, but he either spent a lot of money on a race car and still ended up losing or he put a car into production thinking it was awesome and found out a competitor did a better job.

  14. Avatar

    disney world is in florida

  15. Avatar

    The third one was really good

  16. Avatar

    Disney World in California you say? 🤔

  17. Avatar

    disneyland is in California disneyworld is in Florida

  18. Avatar

    I got beef with you showing footage from Chernobyl, completely unreated, but interesting nonetheless. Do all those busses from #2 have anything to do with the evacuation near the plant?

  19. Avatar

    LOOK AT MY LAST NAME! It's a resort in Germany!

  20. Avatar

    5:12 then the twisted idea of the head nazi, Hitler, to provide common hard working Germans of the era of a place to enjoy the beach, now is going to be turn into a luxurious venue where common hard working Germans, unable to afford it, WILL NOT be able to enjoy the beach.

  21. Avatar

    the second one was demolished, and a person died, there is a video…

  22. Avatar

    thanks Chris Chappel .. we appreciate your comments !!

  23. Avatar
    Mgsgenesis Gaming

    wow all them houses going to waste.

  24. Avatar

    Does anyone know where "The German Stadium" is located? At least, the remains of it?

  25. Avatar

    A video to show how much money we waste on stupid ideas

  26. Avatar

    I am referring to the abandoned hotel in Indonesia. If you keep an expensive statue in a museum display, everyone tries to steal it, but if you keep the same artifact at an abandoned hotel with no locks, no security then nobody steals it.

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