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12 destructive hours of wildfire exposed Oregon's resource crisis

Oregon’s Almeda Fire started as a brush fire on the morning of Sept. 8 and quickly became an urban fire. Strong winds from the east pushed the flames into the cities of Talent and Phoenix, destroying 3,000 structures. The small force of firefighters from the Rogue Valley quickly engaged the blaze, but in a state where more than 10 large fires were already burning, they were on their own. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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    Global warming is not a Hoax. Stop spinning the truth.

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    It's called ARSON .

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    Qué pasa con USA… Se esta Quemando… Y solo se oye de política..

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    We need get trump out the office looks at this stuff we need climate changes fast quit before the beast come out the street this wildfires waken satan up dudes think smarter

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    Teller of unfortunate Truths

    All arson

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    Teller of unfortunate Truths

    All antifa

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    Arson and *something else… so sad

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    The fire follows the highway, as if clearing out the trees had created a wind tunnel.

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    There are too many people living in this area that's why are short on water. Cut down the damn trees if its 175 feet near your home.

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    Why should the fire hydrants be dry they are mains fed surely a separate feed and pump Underground or the tender can suck the water if no pressure is there. The infrastructure is not really there and not up to today's problem a lack of Government Finance.
    I don't understand that either!! why should there be breathing in any smoke or particulates they have respirators..? have all firefighters got respirators they should have.
    You have to use foam much better than just water and can be used as a preventative measure not just on the fire there's natural foam can be used why they're not I don't know cross probably.

    If you have a container about size a bit bigger of a large fire extinguisher filled with pressurized Liquid foam, households can cover their properties and relieving a lot of pressure from the firefighters, and preventing outbreaks. why is nobody doing this they can be bought from fire stations and the money can go to the fire crews and station provisions. A two-way special nozzle what's connected to your garden hose with the pressurised foam is released with the water to cover your property the spaying of the foam can be a long time days. Why is nobody implementing this? Manufacturing it at no profit. Most of these outbreaks wouldn't even start if this was implemented to 30% of households give or take area. An average sized home and near grounds will take no more than half an hour to cover can be done well before any risk to the household or residence.
    Even covering your house with a fireproof blanket could be done or a standard wool blanket sprayed with water would give massive protection a lot of house fires are started by embers this would be eliminated if you could cover the roof as I say with wool fleece soaked in water what is a natural fire retardant and very absorbent to water if you have a like a roller blind on the side of the house then a cords can pull it over the roof and be tucked in at the base of the property that would work also very effectively.
    Wool can be sprayed by special machines for insulation of walls and rooves cavities so theoretically you could spray whole house with wool fibre then drenched in water

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    Wow this is so devastating. Fire just destroys everything, so sad to see. Hope everyone is looking out for everyone. Thanks to emergency services and May god be you. Stay safe.

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    2:32 I like that😍💋 💝💖❤️

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    Vote green party 2020! Environment first!!!

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    The GOP says it's not a real problem.

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    Lovely 😍💋 💝💖❤️

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    I lost my home . Fire fighters saved me and others . Got us out of two four two fire

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    I'm on the Oregon Coast and I smelled smoke so strong one night that I called my fire department to ask if I should be worried. There was no answer. Let that sink in a minute. I called the police station and they said the fire department was all volunteer. I don't know if you've ever been to Oregon, but it's all trees here. The fire didn't reach my area. It's only a matter of time though. Time is now to beef up our fire departments before it's too late.

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    I’m from Scotland and I can see what this is from all the way over here! We call it unlawful fire raising here but will accept and format such as arson, Ant I fa burning down America cause they have thrown their toys out the pram, a rich white child’s gap year, propaganda or just flat out terrorism. These are not wildfires!

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    Cancer is a concern for all that breathed that stuff in..you can alleviate some of this with alkaline water and gargle with salt water and baking soda a teaspoon in dog cat water bowl for help animals…six people and a few trucks is unforgivable you must have more resources in future and trained citizen volunteers to aid in any future waves like this..thanks for putting lives on line.

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    David Lloyd-Jones

    This is not a "forest fire." This is a local little bit of the adjustment of the world's tree line. Everywhere.
    The climate has changed all over the world. This isn't a future event. This much has already happened: the tree line has moved. Everywhere.
    The trees can't get up and walk. Therefore they will burn until they comply with the new line. Everwhere.

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    I’d rather hear from scientists than fire fighters and reporters… I could actually learn something.

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    Maybe we should changes those insulation to fireproof insulation that could redo the risk of fire….

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