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11-year-old buddies enthuse about Mars and space

With Earth exactly between Mars and the sun – a phenomenon known as ‘Mars opposition,’ the CBC’s Heather Hiscox talked with two 11-year-old admitted ‘nerds’ about their love of space and science.

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  1. Avatar

    At that age, we use to discuss Dragon ball Z transformations….

  2. Avatar

    Lmao im early

  3. Avatar

    Nice to see kids exited about science and space.

  4. Avatar

    Wow, these kids are probably a lot smarter than I was when I was 11 😝

  5. Avatar

    They were better students than me. I was more athletic, and stronger.

  6. Avatar

    I was a B student at their age, and proud. Why be too smart? Teachers will expect too much from you.

  7. Avatar

    There is still hope out there!

  8. Avatar

    CUTE!! 🙂

  9. Avatar

    They’re in grade 6?
    I’m in grade 7

  10. Avatar

    Disgraceful lack of news on Julian Assange. not a credible source for news. shape up

  11. Avatar

    See, there is nothing wrong with writing an actual news story every once in a while CBC.

  12. Avatar

    These 2 kids have no idea what awaits them…crushing global debts, major weather anomalies, flooding, heat waves, droughts, massive wild fires…Mars? We can't even get back to the moon kids…good luck!!!

  13. Avatar

    Sorry kids, but space had to close because of a made up pandemic. Go to your room.

  14. Avatar

    Take your kids to rural areas to see the stars folks, it’s a must!

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