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Lately, people talk a lot about ecology and it usually about sad things. Global warming, ozone holes, contamination… Ugh. But if you have already decided that there are no more clean lakes and rivers on our planet, then stop panicking! In fact, there are a lot of them, and the water in them is still so transparent that it’s practically invisible. So, in this video we will show you some places with the cleanest water in the world

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  1. Avatar

    60% What about……..
    40% Isn’t God amazing
    Me PURDY

  2. Avatar

    Blue water does not equal clear but ok

  3. Avatar

    I live in new zealand and the water is called tea water when its a clear brown its tue healthiest cleanest water we have

  4. Avatar

    I hope that humans don't pollute these nice rivers and ponds, and I'll love to go in one of those rivers

  5. Avatar

    Not satisfied….very dissaponted

  6. Avatar

    Pupu springs press like for respect

  7. Avatar

    Why dawki umngot river is not in this list? Check out this place on YouTube

  8. Avatar

    There’s bad lakes and contaminated rivers but it’s all good we have ten clear places

  9. Avatar

    clearly you haven't heard of Palawan, Philippines.

  10. Avatar

    You missed Dawki in Meghalaya, India

  11. Avatar

    4:07 who else thinks that the building looks like boobs?

  12. Avatar

    Enchanted river in the philippines

  13. Avatar

    Philippines did not make it what????????????????????????????????????

  14. Avatar

    When I was a kid in the 60s Catalina Island's water was so clear you really could see the bottom of the sea. In fact, they had a glass bottom boat to assist with that.

  15. Avatar

    #1 the pool the pool is the cleanest water in the world

  16. Avatar

    God didn't make these waters

  17. Avatar

    I didn't know there's a lake that has my name on it?! And plus, ITS CRYSTAL CLEAR

  18. Avatar

    Check out my Ewens ponds vid – crystal clear creek in Australia!

  19. Avatar

    We r the earth,it is our planet.

  20. Avatar

    Excuse me, all the Pacific Islands have crystal clear waters.

  21. Avatar

    Of course lakes have clear water..no one will throw a garbage on it..unlike in the beach and rivers 😢 but palawan in the Philipines have clear water

  22. Avatar

    Wow, my country Aotearoa has 2 spots on here NZ 4eva

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