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๐Ÿ‡ต๐Ÿ‡ฐ Pakistan: Can Imran Khan hold on? | The Stream

A wave of protests has erupted across Pakistan as people grapple with widespread unemployment, ongoing power cuts and rising food prices. The protests come at a time of political turmoil with allegations of a provincial police chief being kidnapped by the military and forced to sign an arrest warrant for a leading opposition figure.
Demonstrators led by the newly-formed Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) are calling for Prime Minister Imran Khan to step down, accusing him of falsifying the results of the 2018 election and overseeing a cabinet rife with corruption.
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In this episode of The Stream, we ask: can Imran Khan resist the pressure?

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  1. Avatar

    International agenda is against pakistan strong army. Pakistan economy is doing well despite crona , please compare the financial statistics with neighboring countries. Inflation is surging in Pakistan because of mafia

  2. Avatar

    May Allah protect Pakistan ๐Ÿ‡ต๐Ÿ‡ฐ from outside intervention. Imran Khan is a straightforward leader. Respect to the Pakistani people from Palestine ๐Ÿ‡ต๐Ÿ‡ธ

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  4. Avatar

    Xiena, Nida why they don't talk about how this present government inherited it. This both ladies are working for destabilizing Pakistan. Show any politician sacrifice 22 years of his life to fix a corrupt government. I.K is doing absolutely good. This false rally's are coming or supporting by this people right after the FATA conference. World is transparently looking at Pakistans resent gradual progress & diplomacy. At the same time others are trying to defame it.

  5. Avatar

    2 foreign powers are behind this protest and unrest.

  6. Avatar

    Pack is stan butt hurts real baad

  7. Avatar

    Imran Khan will hold on, InshaAllah
    No one came on road due to economy. Just criminals and their cronies are demonstrating to save their stolen wealth.
    Pakistan will prosper. InshaAllah

  8. Avatar
    kala husseinismail1980

    Femi oke thanks for the live Streaming

  9. Avatar
    deepak kumar tiwari

    Imran Khan only hold Katora ๐Ÿ˜€

  10. Avatar
    Spreading Knowledge

    How can you three people can explain what is going on in Pakistan. Imran khan is a great leader and we believe that he will make Pakistan more stronger.

    Long live Pakistan.
    Long live Pakistan Army.

  11. Avatar

    Those protesters are $tupid. There is hardship the whole wide world due to COVID19. Hardship is not just in Pakistan. Hardship is worldwide.

  12. Avatar

    A really cool job from Mrs Oki. Respect!

  13. Avatar

    We want presidential system in Pakistan.May Allah make our pm Imran khan as president of Islamic Republic of Pakistan…after three year๐Ÿ’š

  14. Avatar

    i stopped right when she introduced that feminist. Pakistani liberalism and feminism is nothing but a curse

  15. Avatar

    Imran Khan trying to improve Pakistan. He should get full chance. Love you from ๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿ‡ฉ.

  16. Avatar

    our last hope . pm Imran khan .

  17. Avatar
    Mian Basir Shahab

    It doesn't matter what's in front of you as long as you know who is standing behind you (ALLAH HU AKBAR).


  18. Avatar

    PM Imran Khanโค๏ธ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿพ will hold his office till 2028 .. InshAllah 11 Corrupt๐Ÿ political parties had nothing in their basket ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

  19. Avatar

    What a joke? Nawaz Shareef and his daughter are the ones that looted Pakistan and live abroad and vast amounts of wealth that was stolen from Pakistanis.

  20. Avatar

    Aljazeera and people of Pakistan need to understand that IK and PTI have only been in power for only 18 months. PDM, or should I say Pakistan Demolishing Movement are those people that have been running the country for last 30 years. Need i say any more. PDM is a terrorist organisations and plz don't forget people that are coming out to these rally are being fed and paid to come out.

  21. Avatar

    Pakistan home of International Terrorism!

  22. Avatar

    like Imran… Give time Imran pk people plz…..l believe future good pk….

  23. Avatar
    Al Jazeera English

    Thank you for watching. Tell us what you think of the protests in the comments below.

  24. Avatar

    Pakistan army is the mother of all evils all corruption in Pakistan. They are sucking blood of general public. No schools, not enough water, no electricity, food prices are rising because of their corrupt practices. All the political parties are on their bank roll it includes IK, NS as well. NS looted billions and fled the country on false claims.

  25. Avatar

    Great leader PM Imran khan great leader for Pakistan and great leader for the world….

  26. Avatar

    The only thing I want to tell XENIA RASUL is that, Military Budget is Pakistan is 17% of the federal budget (3.5% of GDP) and it has REDUCED in past 2 years of this government.

  27. Avatar

    PDM is anti national and is working out to destabilize the nation.These 11 parties want to hide their corruption.The nepotism shall be ruled out from ruling any country. Bilawal and Maryam are children's of ex prime ministers,

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