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🇮🇳 How are Kashmiris coping under lockdown? | The Stream

Millions of people in Indian-administered Kashmir are living under curfew after the central government revoked an article of the constitution guaranteeing the state semi-autonomy. Thousands of troops have been sent to the Muslim-majority region to enforce government control, while telephone lines and internet connections have been blocked. Hundreds of people, from Kashmiri rights activists to professors and business leaders, have been detained by Indian authorities.

A day after Kashmir’s special status was removed on August 5, India’s parliament moved swiftly to pass The Jammu and Kashmir Reorganisation Bill. The new act downgraded Jammu and Kashmir from a state to a union territory, while also separating the Ladakh region as another union territory. The sweeping changes in Kashmir come three months after the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) won a general election in which they pledged to revoke Kashmir’s special status. But while prime minister Narendra Modi says the changes will herald a “new era” of growth in Kashmir, residents are angry that they have no voice as their rights are removed. Neighbouring Pakistan is also incensed at the move and has downgraded diplomatic and trade ties with India.

What lies in store for the people of Kashmir amid the ongoing lockdown? Join the conversation.

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    Thank you for watching everyone. Please let us know what you thought in the comments below.

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    No country in the world tolerates stone pelting on its army. Indian army is tolerating it. All Indian govt action are simply considered wrong by falsely painting it as Hindu agenda. Do they want Hindus to vanish from India just as they have done in Kashmir.

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    For humanity sake guys who are crying over communication block, get your parents and dear ones out for some time from the so called heaven where even international tourists are not allowed to visit.
    Don't worry about your families the security forces are and were there to help after 90 incidents. So stop showing your fake love and proving someone else point.

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    Let al hijira cry …we don't care

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    Allow the independent journalist to go kashmir and give the report.

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    It was necessary because ISIS flags were flown, Indian flags, USA flags, Israel flags were put on fire

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    People of UAE are ashamed on the response of UAE government that Kashmir is an internal matter, this is not a true representation of us, we are with our brothers of Kashmir.

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    Aljazeera is a propaganda machine of Pakistan and its sympathizers. In these days they and other scrap channels like BBC, NYTimes, Washington Post are spreading fake news and fake videos to suit Pakistan. Republic TV is exposing them on a daily basis with solid proof.

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    worthless, they are at least 3 against 1. The host is clearly biased and they gave the indian guy very little talk time, the host her herself talk more (why even invite them, when she clearly enjoy hearing herself talking much more), plus they interrupted him constantly when he try to talk. Iam not taking side in the actually question, but this program was extremly biased.

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    Curfew is better than terrorists killing innocent civilians and soldiers. Why are these group of people easily brainwashed.

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    You need to learn the difference between 'administered' and 'occupied'! Its Indian OCCUPIED Kashmir!

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    Wow. Even with OVERWHELMING evidence, Hindus can lie in your face. THAT is shameless, but typical.

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    Al Jazeera Channel not fit for Neutral journalism,

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    can you guys please explore more about terrorist groups which is spread ed across pakistan,which is effecting the whole world.

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    What was she doing when Pandits were hauled out of their homes in 90s

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    chaloo ladies, think tomorrow, sree sound?

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    This guy Sriram talking nonsense. This BJP has the same agenda as Israeli and its obvious. This is just gonna cause more trouble in India even Sikhs are protesting now.

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    56'' could not protect Amarnth Yatra and still the greatest and strongest PM so far. wakeup wakeup high on GauMutru.

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