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🇨🇱 Chile Referendum: Can it bring true equality? | The Stream

Chilean lawmakers are set to hold a referendum on October 25th on the adoption of a new constitution after widespread demonstrations over social inequality rocked the country last year.

The vote, originally scheduled for April 2020, was postponed as a result of coronavirus. However, opposition activists say that was an excuse by the government to buy time and clean up damage left by protestors.
On this episode of The Stream, we’ll look ahead to October’s referendum and ask experts about whether it is enough to appease protestors’ demands and establish a more equal Chilean society.

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    Jazak ALLAH Khair.

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    Al Jazeera English

    Thanks for watching everyone. Tell us what you think the comments below.

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    Qatar practices slave trade and are worried about equal pay in Chile..!!! I never laughed so hard.

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    Did the presenter ever been in Chile or anywhere in the Latin America ?

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    In fact Chile becames Israel 2

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    The world Zionists wants to establish Israel 2 in Patagonia. Promised Land ???

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    10:43 has the best 😍💋 💝💖❤️

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    The Govmt.will identify the leaders and heads. They will be arrested and Pinochet’s supporters will make the whole thing go away…sorry.

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    I'm Alone 😍😥

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    Sylvia Wunderlich

    Too bad you are interviewing marxist journalists only. Most Chileans are NOT marxists and you are showing only one side of the story.

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    Contact me if you want to be my Boyfriend 😍💋 💝💖❤️

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    Remember Salvador Allende ….. and what America did to him . That was the beginning of the end for the Chilean people. Power to the people ✊🏽

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    Awesome 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

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    Next time you pretend to have an interview or dialogue about a political/social problems of a country try to include a balance of different views, here you only included people with a clearly socialist/communist view…

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    The current Constitution was part of Pinochet. A new Constitution must be written from now.

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    Now I wonder if woman will be given equal input when the decisions are made? Given that woman make up 51% of the worlds population there is No equality, democracy etc until they represent themselves in equal terms.. Strange that this applies to every country in the world and yet goes mostly unnoticed.. Wake up women, we are letting men make all the decisions on our behalf and it is beyond madness.

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    Thank for convertations.

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    A Philippines Adventure

    What a hoot! Qatar still has slavery. Clean your own house.

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    A Philippines Adventure

    True equality? You have to saw the legs off tall people.

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    A Philippines Adventure

    Well, socialist tards, you can model Chile after Venezuela.

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    A Philippines Adventure

    Well, the next time I am in Chile, if I am looking for fools, where can I find these morons?

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    A Philippines Adventure

    "And the world was looking aghast at all the human rights violations in Qatar".

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    As a Chilean, and living in this land, to think that this Referendum is Unconstitutional, I will never ask to change the Constitution of President Ricardo Lagos and not Agusto Pinochet. Today in Chile it is dominated by Communism in the 3 Powers and more, Executive, Legislative, Judicial, and also several international organizations such as the UN, ILO, IMF and Unions, Social Table, All the Left dominate the country completely with Laws Nefarious how ESI LAW, on the sexuality of children, taking their children away from parents, indoctrination in schools, universities. Alejandra Matus is a woman who has taken several right-wing journalists out of Chilean TV, she is a Communist who invents montages. They also want to Dismantle the best International Police and Respectable how Carabineros de Chile is, and why not ask about Terrorism in La Araucanía with groups from Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina, Hezbollah and many more. They want to kill the Chilean people and .. live alone with the thousands and thousands of immigrants, that's why I vote #REJECT #NULL

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    Well Jesus is coming. All will be made right!

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    I hope the best for our chilean brothers but the savage neoliberalism implemented by the last military dictatorship in Latin America has deep roots in the country, if they manage to get rid of it it could be the role model for the rest of South america, go Chi-Chi-Chi-Le-Le-Le

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    Scottish Chilean accent, now that's something you don't see/hear everyday.


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    To be taken seriously, Al Jazeera needs to drop the Qatari propaganda agenda.

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    These panelists should visit Venezuela.

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    I am Chilean, to better understand what happens in Chile, it is necessary to take some things into account. 80% of retirements are less than 150 dollars, on the other hand, the armed forces have a minimum retirement that goes from 2,000 dollars to 10,000 dollars. 02% have 35% of GDP, if like the kids here who think that wanting to change that is being a communist, they are fanatics against everyone

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    Isis = comunist = mapuxes

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    Small government and business that serves Chile and Chileans first and foremost is the answer, not multinational corporations that care only about money as the bottom line and that keep wages at poverty level because the Chilean employees are competing with those of foreign countries.

    Chile needs to be more national in outlook, not representing the international Allende-style communists or Pinochet-style neoliberals. Both approaches oppress and impoverish the people.

    I don't know of a single country that represents a good economic model–certainly not the U.S., which strangles business with ridiculous regulations and promotes only disloyal, giant multinational corporations.

    Perhaps this is an opportunity for Chile to set an example.

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    Jesper Henriksen

    The best hairstyle EVER!

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