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YouTuber and writer Riyadh Khalaf shares his advice on coming out to parents

YouTube star and author, Riyadh Khalaf tells Kay Burley how his father contemplated suicide when he found out his son was gay. Riyadh says his father is now his “biggest champion”, and has even written a chapter in his book.

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    Sky News why hasn’t Kay Burley been sacked for her disrespectful and abusing comments of Simon Weston the soldier who has terribly burnt and disfigured ?!?!

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    Time to dump like elephant crap ITV shares.They have inflicted manufactured schizophrenia in a man and wrecked his life.Spying on privacy abusing human rights.All involved must answer in court over it.They are hated absolute hatred for ITV.If people think they can invite a television company into a persons life without consent,think again and I mean think again television parasites talking crap on mental health.

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