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Where Hollywood Shoots All Its Plane Scenes | Movies Insider

Many of the most iconic plane and airport scenes were filmed in the same place — Air Hollywood, the LA production studio entirely dedicated to aviation. We take you behind the scenes of their sets to see how they created famous scenes in movies like “Bridesmaids,” “Wolf of Wall Street,” and “Kill Bill,” and in TV shows like “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” “The Office,” “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Silicon Valley,” and “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.”

Air Hollywood was also behind some of the famous plane crash sequence in “Lost.” Plus, they’ve provided the sets for music videos by artists like The Weeknd and Pitbull.

As the biggest aviation-themed studio in the world, Air Hollywood has three full aircraft interiors and an airport terminal set that’s reconfigurable into any part of the air travel experience. They’re equipped with a huge warehouse of props and costumes from different decades and can easily switch out their seats, signs, and parts to replicate different eras, settings, and memorabilia from different decades.

Their realistic production design has drawn some of TV’s and Hollywood’s biggest directors and producers, including Martin Scorsese, Quentin Tarantino, Steven Spielberg, J.J. Abrams, Mindy Kaling, and Shonda Rhimes.

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Where Hollywood Shoots All Its Plane Scenes | Movies Insider

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    Meanwhile in Mission Impossible…..

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    Nice try. But we all know that plane scenes are filmed at Area 51.

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    Not only rappers but also every reality tv 'star' has been exposed. In a lot of those shows they are always renting private planes and probably they shoot their scenes here to show off

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    What about The Oval Office / The White House, is it one or many sets?

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    What? I thought these scenes were shot on Mars.

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    This was so cool and so well-done. Thank . you for this video!

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    4:18 that modern warfare reference tho

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    I bet you all think they use real cameras too.

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    Another moron that doesn't know the plural form of "aircraft"

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    Kudos to directors who use actual-scale airplane interiors. Now if we could just get the airlines to do their commercials that way.

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    It's just "aircraft" regardless if is one or many, there is no plural spelling or pronunciation of the word.

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    You should have showed us how they shoot Air Force One and Flight Plan, at least.

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    Hey my husband works for gulfstream lol.

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    The best airplane movie is Soul Plane with Snoop!

    Lol not! That shit sucked.

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    Aircraft is singular and plural. IT IS NOT AIRCRAFTS!!!!!!!!

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    The real question: is there any porn movies ever shoot in that set?

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    03:53 Looks like we know where are the "lost" luggage now goes….

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    Surprised they didn't film that intense airplane zombie scene from "World War Z"?

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