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What female senators had to say about Alabama's abortion bill

Alabama’s new law mandating an almost blanket ban on abortion, the strictest in the United States, was passed by 25 white male politicians, all of whom are Republicans. Lawmakers approved the legislation after a debate that stretched more than four hours on Tuesday, where minority Democrats introduced a slew of amendments in an attempt to block it. 
There are only four women in the Alabama senate, who are among the eight-strong Democratic party minority in the upper chamber of the state legislature. “This bill is about control,” the state senator Linda Coleman-Madison told the bill’s proponents.

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    Forget abortion.
    Make Children Support, and being on welfare for more than a year illegal.

  2. Avatar

    Don’t have sex if you ain’t ready for kids. Easy solution.

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    Women are half the electorate in Alabama. The electorate chose to elect these politicians. This is not a male tyranny however you try to spin it.

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    woman need to know even tho is your body… as a woman your body is the only body that can bring life into this world! so your body is the only body that can do that so we need to know that is another body is another person you are carrying.. if you dont want a baby simple.. dont go out having sex period!

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    Are these people nuts? “Control our bodies” stfu you murderers

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    poisonous feminists are threat for humanity.

  7. Avatar

    Who cares about Alabama lol

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    So her response to a bill she disagrees with is to introduce a nonsense bill and waste time being funny on tax payers time

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    A woman created this Bill, and a woman will sign it into Law.

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    The Democrats are for killing innocent babies,the Republicans are for executing murderers,maybe the two parties should meet in the middle somewhere.

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    Abortion is the ultimate expression of a woman's hypergamous nature.

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    It’s simple, if you want tax dollars for your abortions than you will have to deal with old men tell you what you can do with your bodies.

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    time for the falcon punch to come back.

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    Use a condom, birth control, or practice abstinence. Not hard.

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    "Why [do] you all want to control out bodies?" A baby is not part of your body. It is a body growing within your body.

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    At least from Europé there Will be no investments in Alabama and probably no tourists.

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    The USA is indistinguishable from the Middle East lately

  18. Avatar

    That's getting great again?

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    I couldn't help noticing that the senate president and another man at the center podium are talking during the first senator's speech. . . Their disdain for their female senate colleague is painfully obvious for everyone to see.

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    On the bright side, there will be a boom in wire coat hanger sales :-). Its all about what's best for Alabama's economy.

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    What a disgusting Country the United States is, keep telling the world you are the shining light. No one believes it.

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