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West Point 2019 class just made history

The 2019 graduating class at The United States Military Academy features the most African-American women graduating together in the school’s history. #CNN #News

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    Pence playing politics acting like he thinks this is a good thing, when we all know he's an intolerant piece of shit that hates the idea of minorities in the military unless he can use them as cannon fodder in a war.

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    Am shocked CNN didnt try too spin this some how into some race baiting fake news story that they do so well.

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    Meal Team Six will now be deployed to make assault sandwiches for the real soldiers.

  4. Avatar

    Wonderful…now we will get Black & Brown people to kill more Black & Brown people across the globe. 🀯

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    these brave women have accomplished a feat that not too long ago would have been impossible only because their skin color! Way to go! forget the haters on both sides! This is making America Great-er!

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    Please go take that precious oil from the bad Iranians. In Trumps name we pray.

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    Hooray for all of you! God Speed ! πŸ˜˜πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘‹

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    What a ghetto ass picture. Very disrespectful.

  9. Avatar

    It must've been extremely difficult for pence to utter those words

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    Women are dominating higher education because guys actually have to work.

  11. Avatar


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    It's awesome for these young ladies. But obviously it's a strategy by the establishment. SMH

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    How could turning the military into a social experiment possibly go wrong?

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    I'll take Pence over Trump anyday

  15. Avatar

    Hebrew Israelites- not African American! Do your research!

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    It's all fun and games pushing them through to fill a narrative..But what happens if they actually have to fight in combat against MEN? Smh I'm not trolling I'm being serious! My sister in law joined the army years ago..She's like 5'2 110lbs is very uncoordinated, has terrible marksmanship and they still pushed her through. Point is if they're "Equal" why are their obstacles shorter? Why do they do pushups from their knees? Everyone male or female should be required to do the SAME exact things to be called a "soldier"

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    There’s an image online of the same unit, but they’re in military formation and not just standing around like a bunch of wise asses. The news should have used that image to represent them, not the image that they did use. That’s just my opinion.

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    Largest amount of African American women graduating. And not a Democrat in sight to talk to them or congratulate them.
    Wonder why? πŸ€”

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    Still fighting for the white man. These people are fighting for people who hate them. Fighting for oil companies and the MIC isn't the same as fighting for freedom.

  20. Avatar

    the only thing sucking there was pence talking! good luck 2019 class!

  21. Avatar

    Affirmative action at work..let’s make affirmative action history.

  22. Avatar

    Pence is proud of those women as long as they aren’t gay or ever seek an abortion. Then all bets are off.

  23. Avatar

    Awesome. Let’s hope they don’t get crushed as the move into their careers. Stay strong ladies.

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    Trump has nothing to do with this. They started when Obama was the president. And now they're probably regretting their decisions. There will be less of them joining from now. Trump and Pence were also probably pissed off by this news.

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    Arm β€˜em all with tennis rackets.

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