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Watch Trump present the 'President's Cup' to sumo tournament winner in Japan

President Trump presented the “President’s Cup” to the Tokyo Grand Sumo Tournament winner Asanoyama in Tokyo on May 26. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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  1. Avatar

    Trump 2020 !!! No way will I vote for any Demon-cratic hate filled Racist devil who supports murdering babies in the womb.

  2. Avatar

    😂😂 whats next?? WWE referee??

  3. Avatar

    He does have potential to be a stable sumo wrestler 🤼‍♀️

  4. Avatar

    Fake cup for the fake champion, won by cheating of the referee, perfect for Trump.

  5. Avatar

    TRUMP is great!!!! MAGA 2020!!!

  6. Avatar

    He bribes even the Japanese to like him.

  7. Avatar

    I do believe Trump's tie could serve as a Sumo outfit. He's got already got the body for it. Trump thinks he's hot poo poo right about now when in fact, Japan is employing the same strategy the Russian's first used when their ambassador to the UN brought his pretty daughter by to see Trump at the tower. She said, "just flatter him and you'll have him eating out of your hand like honey to the bees."

  8. Avatar

    Commammm oo what?
    This guy just can’t pronounce!

  9. Avatar

    I’m no fan of Trump, but I thought this was cool. Sports are supposed to be fun and enjoyable and bring people together. This was a fun presentation, the people there enjoyed it, I’m sure Asanoyama, the JSA and PM Abe enjoyed it and there’s nothing wrong with international goodwill and friendly relations.

  10. Avatar

    Winner to face victor of Nadler v. Stacey Abrams.

  11. Avatar

    Look at all that fat jiggling around! The sumo wrestlers are pretty big too.

  12. Avatar

    Sumo wrestling? I thought it was called "The View."

  13. Avatar

    Amy Schumer will take on Michael Moore to see who the winner will face.

  14. Avatar

    Imagine being this fat and stupid. Trump that is.

  15. Avatar

    I'm embarrassed to call this orange sumo clown "president."

  16. Avatar

    Which one is the president I just see two giant sumo. Jk one is a accomplished athlete the other is a fat turd in a suit.

  17. Avatar

    Putin instructed Donald Trump to do this, CNN just reported it.

  18. Avatar

    My boi trump wit them slides😂🇺🇸🇺🇸

  19. Avatar

    That was very cool for my President to award an American trophy to a Japanese Sumo Wrestling WINNER. Politics aside.

  20. Avatar

    Trump is a bully. But when he was tough on other bullies like China and N. Korea. People start to like him.

    Just likes Stalin beating Hitler.

  21. Avatar

    Great so know he's sponsoring his own ("presidential") Trophy. Nope his narcissistic ways never do have a limit.

  22. Avatar

    I thought Trump was a sumo wrestler. He is already wearing a diaper.

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