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Watch live: Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin testifies before Senate committee

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin testifies before a Senate Appropriations subcommittee on the 2020 budget. Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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  1. Avatar

    Why can't anyone on Trumps side answer the questions with truth. It's a yes or no question. Wtf

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    You've got more chance of nailing liquid soap to the Whitehouse ceiling than Trump letting go of his bent tax returns

  4. Avatar

    When a regular American owes taxes to the IRS they immediately come after them. They go after your assets; your check, your bank account, your home, or your income taxes for the following year. They come after you like if you robbed a mf bank. Why can't this mf give out Trump's taxes???

  5. Avatar

    Muppet oligarch, only the rich are your concern, the rest of us are suffering on two jobs , inadequate or no jobs, and trumpites are clueless.

  6. Avatar

    Why is John Oliver testifying in the senate ?

  7. Avatar

    Munchkin = Just another little loyalist WORM in Trump's Swamp!

  8. Avatar

    Mnuchin is another trump the GRUMP!! Hate them along with jim jordan et al!!!

  9. Avatar

    Conservatives are all about competition and money. Their Christian God is in line about 7th place, maybe. Lol what a confused bunch of hypocrites they have become. ๐Ÿ™‰

  10. Avatar

    No one I know got a tax cut, we all PAID MORE.

  11. Avatar

    These republicans are shameless unpatriotic slime. Mnuchin's bank robbed people

  12. Avatar

    I am starting to support the arrest of liberal dems for sabatoging homeland security in the entire west coast. Stop being so gay and soft to serious problems. You guy's are letting your cities be overrun and book release!

  13. Avatar

    You guys are blocking our government its becoming difficult to respond without investigation into if you guys are working for the communists.

  14. Avatar

    Creep in a den of creeps led by Trump

  15. Avatar

    Why is trumpff so desperate to hide a report thatโ€completely exonerates himโ€? America and the World asks.

  16. Avatar

    Start with why hasn't he given his taxes as all other have.

  17. Avatar

    Chinese manufacturing has made the World a 99 cent store full of junk and brought international standards down.

  18. Avatar

    Those against Trumps economics unwittingly root for govt, global corporations and the gaming of our laws, constitution, and rule of law

  19. Avatar

    Munchkin is breaking the, law Lock him up

  20. Avatar

    Ya know, you'd THINK the tax returns would be a non-issue. Seeing as how the GOVERNMENT collects them, it shouldn't be a problem for the GOVERNMENT to EXAMINE them! This can ONLY be a made-for-TV spectacle!

  21. Avatar

    The GOP is blocking for Munchkin and trUmp

  22. Avatar

    Mnuchin needs to be drug away to Cuba.

  23. Avatar

    Mnuchin, the man who took his wife for a vacation to Fort Knox. Such an honest, humble fellow. His next job should be at the circus where he can be shot out of a cannon.. As for Kennedy, no relation to the JFK branch. Arrrrrrrgh !!!

  24. Avatar

    If Trump would have released his tax returns as every President before him…His tax's wouldn't be in question now would they?

  25. Avatar

    The last time he testified, when things got hot, mnuchin started whining about an "important meeting" he was missing.
    This time he just completely blew off the uncomfortable questions : "I'll get back to you on that"………this slimy trumpwipe is the swamp master.

  26. Avatar

    Only people who are not paying their fair share of taxes are concern to show their tax returns!!!!

  27. Avatar

    every time i take time to watch our politicians doing their "jobs," i can't help but notice how terrible they really are at their jobs. wtf are congressmen doing instead of researching the topics they're supposed to be making decisions on? hawking hip waders? nailing those 7s they hire to follow them around? y'all are about useless

  28. Avatar

    Tony, nicely phrased. bravo !!

  29. Avatar

    Hell yes the tax returns should be made public for anyone running for the presidency or vice presidency. This tax payer says hell yes, show me the tax returns.

    Edit: And letโ€™s make sure to not weaponize the IRS by also getting the tax returns of the Republicans who have also declared they will be running for President in 2020.

  30. Avatar

    The repubicans say "NOBODY" cares about CHUMPS tax returns! Let's see a Democrat try it! LINDSEY GRAHAM CAN EAT A DICK!!!

  31. Avatar

    Why did Kennedy leave off Mnuchin heading up IndyMac, a leading subprime lender that foreclosed on many of his customers without following foreclosure rules? One foreclosure involved a shortfall of less than one dollar. He is a evil mercenary who care about no one but himself.

  32. Avatar

    Mnuchin is a lying toilet bug. Should be in prison alongside Trump.

  33. Avatar

    Senator Kennedy's anecdotal arguments for requesting the tax returns of any random person he dislikes is such bullshit. We're talking exclusively about the president of the united states. why is it not reasonable to put him or her under extensive financial scrutiny to ensure he or she is a law-abiding citizen? shame on the republican party. they've dug themselves so deep in the web of lies and deceit that i fear for the future of our political system.

  34. Avatar

    1:17:27 "That's why God made federal judges" God didn't make Federal Judges!! Everything Senator Kennedy says is ridiculous. He's a living caricature.

  35. Avatar

    Senator Kennedy is such a greasy Trump lackey

  36. Avatar

    Mr. Kennedy you are a disgrace to the name. Rest In Peace John F. Kennedy and Robert F. Kennedy.

  37. Avatar

    We donโ€™t need a damned wall. We need healthcare a d low prescription drug costs. The minority is controlling the majority.

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