1. Omar is a terrorist enabler/sympathizer but, say one word about Jews and look out! This uneven handed approach to dealing with peoples opinions on different people has got to stop. Jews are no better or more privileged than anyone else. So lets stop the biased over reaction to idiocy.

  2. Whenever people speak up about problems in Israel……they are immediately labeled as being Antisemitic. This MUST BE STOPPED.

    This is a major contributing factor to diving the nation. Evil Acts of Israel toward other human beings is written on the stone, it should be addressed, rather than suppressed into the rugs. It will keep coming back, creates more conflicts and APAC will use this as ANTISEMITIC. WRONG!

  3. Anti-love isn’t strange?
    Anti-hate isn’t strange?
    Can’t love or like your opponent – enemy – whatever other name – until your opponent – enemy knows how to behave!
    Best example: see how US is getting along with other countries and vice versa?
    US is possibly the most hated nation on earth??

  4. Paul thanks Donald Trump is going to pardon him. And be funny is Donald Trump going to pardon him at all and he spend all them years in jail. You know Donald Trump is only for Donald Trump

  5. Intolerance? What? Should be using the treatment of Gaza residents at the hands of the Israelis. These freshmen Congress members are really scaring those who part of the status quo.

  6. What in Ilhan Omar’s speech was an anti semitic trope?
    She said “I want to talk about the political influence in this country that says it is OK to push for allegiance to a foreign country.”
    A little “what-about-ism” might be due here.
    What about saying it is okay to collude with a foreign country (Russia) to win an American election? … would that be Anti Trumpism? Or is that just admitting the obvious, like viewing the State of Israel’s policies as being a little bit racist or even Fascist?

  7. Hum no one gives a sh-t that Rhino Meghan McCain Breaks Down in Tears Over Ilhan Omar’s ‘Scary’ Israel Comments. Especially a daughter of a non hero who gave us Obama care with an arrogant thumbs down!