1. Wow. I went to Puerto Vallarta Mx in Sept and there was a crazy storm. I was upset because we were just flying above the airport for almost two hrs. I’m really impatient but I’m aware now it was for the best.

  2. Stop trying to make this sound “terrifying”. At most, it was uncomfortable and a huge inconvenience to the passengers but as you reported, no injuries and no major damage to the plane. The passengers are fine and slowly evacuating, even the fireman is just smiling talking to passengers. So sick of how the media covers aviation accidents. How about instead of covering the “terrifying” aspect, you cover how safely an accident was avoided and reassuring the viewers that there are so many safety protocols and equipment in place to make flying the safest mode of transportation.

  3. 2:01 “That’s where the southwest jet came to a halt?”
    “No Dave this is not where the plane came to a halt, it actually was put back into circulation, what you see behind me is actually just a regular plane sitting on the runway sinking in 10ft of dirt and mud, part of Southwest new boarding process.”

  4. Kinda weird that NONE of the news coverage on this even mentioned the SWA1455 accident back in 2001. It was the same aircraft type, same airline, same airport, and same runway… They didn’t have the e.m.a.s. back then and the plane ended up on Hollywood Way with it’s nose 20 feet from gas pumps at a Chevron station. As a result, the gas station was removed and the e.m.a.s. was added. It seems like a totally relevant point here. Two lessons learned from the 2001 accident made this event less potentially dangerous. The only lesson not learned is that Southwest, apparently, still overshoots runways at the small airports like BUR and MDW…

  5. Okay, don’t get me wrong. Skidding is scary-ish but the system did what it was designed to do and arrested the plane. You noticed how no one else seemed panicked. Everything was calm and the plane is still in tact. Great dramatization though! 👍🏻

  6. Dear ABC: STOP WITH THE FALSE, OVERSTATED NEWS. Mist of us on the flight thought it was good smooth landing not terrifying and we went a little long it just seemed like the tires slowly went flat. It was not TERRIFYING SO STOP TRYING TO PANIC THE PUBLIC BEFORE I FILE A SPECIAL LAWSUIT AIMED AT ALL MEDIA, CNN & ABC primarily.

  7. So……Terrrrrrrrrrifyyyyying because everybody died when the plane exploded in flames. In reality, great landing, safety mechanisms worked. Now aviation has an incident that can be learned from without people dying.

  8. Just clearing up a few things:

    1) they most likely landed on rwy 08 because its the runway that has the special ‘landing system’ called and ILS which they use to help pilots land in especially bad weather.
    2) They landed in bad weather which is why they chose 08 because it had the ILS
    3) reverse thrust won’t even do much to slow and aircraft down by itself, it will always be assisted with something called an ‘autobrakes’ (for those who blame the reverse thrust)
    4) the runway is only 6,800 ft long, theres no places to extend the runway unless you risk taking out a busy road which would only add about 800 feet of runway.
    5) i would like to see you try to land an airliner at about 130-145 kts with on a short, wet runway with little to no visibility