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South Africa: 'Huge' challenges as Ramaphosa promises 'new era of hope'

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa has been sworn in before a 30,000-strong crowd, vowing to create jobs and tackle deep-rooted corruption.

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  1. Avatar

    Hope ? For who ? The whites poor south africans that are living like dogs ? Or The Nigerians being murdered by the locals on daily basis will they get your hope ? I think not.

  2. Avatar

    Another one who's turn it is to live in luxury surrounded by cronies just like Mandela and all the other corrupt African leaders 💩💩💩

  3. Avatar

    Nelson Mandela would be ashamed 🙁

  4. Avatar

    Again disgrace sky news still not one mention of the bomb blast yesterday they're doing on purpose if it has anything to do with Islam they try and hide it so we don't see it like they think we are all stupid .
    all the other news stations covered it so we know about it disgrace sky news absolute jokes

  5. Avatar

    White farmers need to apply for Asylum in the United States before they're all murdered by this lunatics supporters.

  6. Avatar

    Another day, another racist dictator.
    Poor people don't count in Africa.
    Things can't be that bad.
    The well dressed people on top are still dancing while a majority of their own people suffer.
    Definitely not Wakanda.

  7. Avatar

    Of course he's not talking about a new era of Hope for white people because they are on the Extinction list because their being killed by racist black people but the media will never cover that

  8. Avatar

    well an area of hope its going to become nothing more, he was honest.

  9. Avatar

    Nothing will ever change in South Africa. They must separate the races or else eventually there will be race war. Inevitable.

  10. Avatar

    They are proving they don’t deserve to run a country

  11. Avatar


  12. Avatar

    Heres the 1 white guy that lives in Africa.

  13. Avatar

    Caucasian people in South Africa are in danger and should be able to come to the USA as refugees.

  14. Avatar

    Not exactly an attractive tourist destination is it!

  15. Avatar

    Hopefully this man will not believe in genecide.

  16. Avatar

    Might be time to arm those white farmers. Without them S Africans will starve.

  17. Avatar

    South Africa looks like it’s going to fight so hard to back everything from the white man, that it’s going to isolate itself and then China will step in as a new Allie.

  18. Avatar

    I despair for South Africa. I had the privilege to be in Cape Town on the day Mandela was freed. I held such hope. The day he became President was unforgettable. I'm so sad that the people, who had been oppressed for so long, became the most corrupt I had encountered. I don't hold out much hope for the future of S.A. I see it going down the path Zimbabwe has followed. Police – corrupt. Politicians – corrupt. Civil Servants – corrupt. Nigerian incomers – murderous. The ANC promised so much to the people leading up to the first free and fair elections. They delivered nothing but lined their own pockets. It's become a shithole country.

  19. Avatar

    Eternity is to long to get this wrong. Repent and accept Jesus Christ today, we are not promised a tomorrow. It is a free gift, take it. Do not get microchipped and do yourselves a favour and watch these channels, Richiefromboston, Hibbeler Productions and ThePottersClay.

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