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SE Cupp explains Trump's 'perfect' exit ramp out of office

CNN’s SE Cupp says President Donald Trump enjoys the fun parts of being President but hates doing the hard work. #CNN #News

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    Good at infrastructure? Yeah, losing billions in own business was a good indicator…

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    I love how this hack (SE Cupp) claims to be a conservitave/ Republican. Just more fake news to get you through the weekend.

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    Covering up no collusion. LololololHAHAHA

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    Only an idiot criminal like Forrest Trump would say the investigations are silly. They're investigating you because you're breaking the law you stupid fucking stunned cunt.

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    I have NOT liked one president in my lifetime. Just seeing Trump's laziness on the job is another thing that makes me dislike him.

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    “ i wanna do it more than you” ughhh 🤮

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    Who still watches these GODLESS and evil people on cnn? Like all GODLESS and evil demoncrats they hate the truth and love lies. Who would trust anybody that calls GOD a liar and HIS HOLY WORD a lie and wrong. Romans 1: 18-32 describes the whole GODLESS and evil demoncrat party and everyone of their supporters and the GODLESS and evil liberal media to a tee.

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    Sou fã dessa jornalista muito gata!!!

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    Trump finds his pleasure by making his staffs on their knees in front of him what embarrassment , to line up everyone than makes them speaks in one term

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    Becoming an elected official shouldn't be a job that someone wants to do, but needs to do for the better of everyone. How many of our elected officials view their offices like this?

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    Na, to me it was like a mob boss with his minions..anyway 😒

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    we still have 5 1/2 more years of listening to cupp and cooper rant about trump. i wonder if it’ll ever get old. 😆

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    18th in ratings for a reason
    Only fools believe cnn
    Operation Mockingbird

    August 19th is National Potato Day

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    Wow. CNN is lost. This is the dumbest shit ever. The guy loves campaigning, and he can beat all the dems. What is he doing…unemployment, GDP growth, wages, job growth, how do you cucks ignore that?

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    All that stuff he was talking about Obama now he can't hang..

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    The money they pay her and she cuts and colors her own hair?

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    So sick of that piece of shit.

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    Trump is a Joke!

    Every time he opens his mouth more proof of his immaturity and ineptitude scurry foward!

    He's nothing more than a man child! He will never be one of our best President's! He will be remembered as one of the worst!

    Even Nixon was able to get major legislation passed and signed into law while under an impeachment investigation!

    But this MORON can't! What a complete and udder idiot! If you can't do the job! Step a side or down and let the adults do the job!

    Take your side show back to New York city and your piece of shit Tower!

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    It’s funny, I sent a private message to CNN that said: if you ever associate the President with white supremacy or the N-word, I will fucking murder every single one of you… and I’ve never seen the message. Hahahahahaha

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    President Trump is cleaning up democrat's and rino's drunken disaster.

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    hopefuylly trump comes back to infrastructure. now that declasiification has happened many dems and prob cnn will now have their tantrums. it will be fun. maybe you can get the defendants to be anchors for cnn before you shut down.

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    Sixty-three million Americans, in all of their perfidy, in all of their immorality, in all of their immaturity, in all of their stupidity, in all of their rottenness, voted for this grifter, this conman, this crook. After we impeach Trump, convict him in the Senate, haul him and his three children and son-in-law off to jail, then try, convict, and incarcerate all five of them, those of us with more intelligence, and more maturity, than Republicans, escort all Republicans to Oklahoma and firebomb that state from left to right and top to bottom. We then plow their rotten corpses into the soil. That way, they could partially redeem themselves for all the harm they have done to our country.

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    First she was Nancy, now because Nancy Pelosi can handle trump and his tantrums, she is crazy Nancy. BRAVO NANCY, BRAVO.
    Would have loved being in that room when trump stormed out. I’m surprised he doesn’t hit the floor and start kicking his feet and throwing his arms around. He walked out, stepped up to the podium outside and was visibly shaken. Instead of saying Schumer, he said SCHUBER !! Plus he was breathing the way he always does when he’s mad. Although trump’s behavior was totally laughable it was also embarrassing for our Nation. To think this spoiled rotten idiot is the president of the United States. Now the president refuses to do his job until the “Democrats” stop the investigations facing him. He has acted like the presidency is some TV program where he calls all the shots. He has abused and denigrated the office of the president and the United States.
    The Mueller report was significantly limited as to the scope of the investigation. Trump thought Barr would come in and do exactly what he did, lie for trump. ANY ONGOING INVESTIGATIONS are based on trump’s own lies and criminal activities and he is getting desperate.
    An investigation on the criminal activities regarding his daughter, as well as his wife, should go full speed ahead.

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