1. Our deepest condolences and prayers of patience to the families of those innocents ones who lost their lives to that Neocon- Egofacist and animal. God bless you all that have tasted death and returned to your maker. God bless you all that are just hanging on by a thread. God bless you all that have gotten so used to pain through life and with it you were blessed with patience . God bless you all with more of his blessings and patience. God bless you all that willingly forgive . God bless you all that smile back at stranger. God bless you all that will take time out of your lives to help a stronger. God bless you and meet up with your loved ones in heaven .

  2. Gun laws might make a change but the real issue is:

    The GOVERNMENTs opening its borders and putting immigrants above its own natural born tax paying citizens. Any Governments doing so should be fully liable and be held fully accountable for such actions.   Forcing open borders and expecting citizen acceptance of outside cultures and religions into ones own well established country and community is not only a disgrace but is also very dangerous business!  

    RIP to the innocent victims and condolences to the their familia and friends.

  3. So much death and destruction. The sad thing is that it is going to keep getting worse. The only way to get rid of an evil heart is with Jesus.Accept him and turn from evil and you will be raptured with us.

  4. omg the body toll on the mortician community and cultural issues. Of course there is nothing in place. This is just insane. How can you have millions of guns in a 4.5Mil population country and no registry?!!

  5. “Totally unprecedented in our history… in our modern history”
    Careful correction there.
    The Mauri in NZ and Aboriginals of Aus are well used to this type of abuse. Documented history of it.

  6. New rules adopted now. If you run in front
    Of a camera. It’s going to be your fault now. Somebody has to do something. It won’t be to long for the next one That a fact. And it will be your fault again.