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POKÉMON Detective Pikachu – Destiny

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  1. Avatar

    Detective Pikachu is just for fake Pokemon fans.

  2. Avatar

    I would not of guessed in 2019 at 31 years old that I would be gitty about seeing a Pokémon movie, but here we are.

  3. Avatar

    i don't wear underwear you know

  4. Avatar

    I love how other studio of movie tried to do a film which Sonic only to response to Pikachu s movie and theyve failed:)

  5. Avatar

    Take this over live action Sonic anyday

  6. Avatar

    So we are gonna totally skip he said …."Blackest Night" Related to Green Lantern for Ludiculo.. hahaha that was awesome.

  7. Avatar

    God, I really want to see how the gengar is going to be in the movie.

  8. Avatar

    I'm so glad they waited till the day after the Sonic trailer to drop this… talk about salt in the wounds! Can't wait to see Detective Pikachu in theater. And maybe torrent Sonic one day.

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    But I thought there was a final trailer.

  11. Avatar

    I love how there keeping true to psyducks pokedex entries and for all you idiots saying how the cgi is bad for being true to its gaming and animated origins – good luck with the sonic movie haha

  12. Avatar

    Looks bad and you're stupid if you like it <3

  13. Avatar

    God these few live action movies look god awful! This now Sonic…What’s going on!? Why is the movie industry trying to kill our childhoods….

  14. Avatar


  15. Avatar

    Damn Bouffalant looks great. Best thing about this movie is how it uses pokemon from all generations instead of pandering to casuals.

  16. Avatar

    A crappy Pikachu trailer that's somehow considered better than a crappy Sonic trailer……… wow. Just wow. Same production quality. Same lame acting. Same mundane voice acting. Same uninspired SFX. Yet you people think this trailer is superior to the Sonic one.


    Okie dokie.

  17. Avatar

    Anyone think Nintendo stocks will go up because of this movie then drop after people realize they didn't make it lmao

  18. Avatar

    Sonic :oh f*ck put it back!!! My eyes! My eyes :
    Detective Pikachu: would you like a foot massage so you don't explode?
    Me:AHHHHH Better

  19. Avatar

    Cause Ryan Reynolds doesn't make enough money nor annoys enough already by being in fucking every movie

  20. Avatar

    If you could only have 1 Pokemon which Pokemon would it be and why?

  21. Avatar

    Heard a Rumor that Ash may make a cameo appearance in the Movie, since the movie is suppose to connect to the Pokemon anime universe.

  22. Avatar

    Sees pikachu sniff coffee grounds

    Ima just walk out

  23. Avatar

    Now we know what it would be like if they were real.

  24. Avatar

    Una cagada lunar otra que sonic

  25. Avatar

    Just Pikachu can save Iron Man.

  26. Avatar

    I hope they put Gotta Catch 'Em All as one of the soundtracks

  27. Avatar

    Is it me or the voice guy at the end kind of remind me of the same voice guy in the anime? “Ash from palette town.”

  28. Avatar

    Pidgeot… so happy. Easily my favorite pokemon when i was a kid. this movie is a nostalgia trip… i might go watch it at the cinema alone

  29. Avatar

    Black as night Green lantern reference?

  30. Avatar

    Wait… A live action adaptation that actually looks decent? How is this possible?

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