Home / News / Pence Congratulates African American Women West Point Cadets: 'I Couldn't Be More Proud' | NBC News

Pence Congratulates African American Women West Point Cadets: 'I Couldn't Be More Proud' | NBC News

While delivering the commencement speech at the United States Military Academy, Vice President Mike Pence congratulated the most diverse class in West Point’s history and singled out the record number of African American women graduates in the class.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Pence Congratulates African American Women West Point Cadets: ‘I Couldn’t Be More Proud’ | NBC News

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  1. Avatar

    "…and the 69th homosexual cad- MOTHER!"

  2. Avatar

    We need more transexual minorities leading us to victory, I get that black African whamenz are better than racist evil white men who need to die off already but comon! It's current year 2019 and we need to hurry up the displacement of white people.

  3. Avatar

    Worst of the worst all-time douches

  4. Avatar


  5. Avatar

    They talked about what they called multiculturalism, which is a universal mix up. Take Humanity put in a bag, shake it together and only heaven knows what would come out. They wanted to get rid of what existed, all the little grey people of the world who hate beautiful diversity of Human development. They always want to get rid of the natural, the noble and beautiful, they wanted to get rid of it. They wanted to make Nature as grey as themselves.

  6. Avatar

    I'm sure that reducing requirements,
    had nothing to do with this presentation.

  7. Avatar

    Yeah great news more ghetto nco's and officers in our military thats totally what we need…lol more "diversity" and pandering

  8. Avatar

    Pompeo is an example of what comes out of the other end of West Point. God help us if we go to war under Trump. A retired Air Force commander retired for 20 years, whose last post was of a major Air Force command told me the Marines were the last bastion of military integrity and discipline in the US military. Getting minorities graduated from our academies as exclaimed by Pence is pandering. It is one thing to have cadets and midshipman graduated, but teaching them to being moral leaders is another. Notice I said moral leaders not patriotic leaders. Patriotism in the US as understood by many US corporate controlled politicians has been perverted.

  9. Avatar

    He congratulated African American women? But what about the agenda we need to push about him being racist and misogynistic? Aw man. We done messed up

  10. Avatar

    This sure proves he isnt Racist 😅

  11. Avatar

    This bigot talking about diversity is a disgusting display of hypocrisy.

  12. Avatar

    He's so proud of them that he's still calling them African even though none of them have probably ever been to Africa or even know a single person that's ever been to Africa but we're still calling them Africans it's so pathetic it's insulting you got people going to West point to serve the United States of America and you're still calling them Africans I wonder how many hundreds of years black people have to be here before we stop calling them Africans

  13. Avatar


  14. Avatar

    Keep buying into that whole "diversity is a good thing" BS and the United States will continue to become a third-world schitzhole country.

  15. Avatar

    Pence doesn’t know a single black person

  16. Avatar

    Of course the comment section still found something to be mad about in this very vanilla and PC speech.

  17. Avatar

    lol liberals find anything to whine about. GOOOO PENCE

  18. Avatar

    Pence is one of the most viciously maligned political figures possibly ever. I have never seen him do anything disrespectful to anyone because of their race, sexuality, or religious beliefs and it's gross that many still try to portray him as some homophobe. Especially Buttigieg, who Pence has treated with nothing but kindness, but Pete turned his back on Pence to go join the mob.

  19. Avatar

    Some how some may say this is racist 😂

  20. Avatar

    If they impeach Trump can we get a 2 for 1 deal?

  21. Avatar

    Ha, well, he would be prouder if they were white … and male, but other than that he couldn't be more proud 😁

  22. Avatar

    Thanks for the armed forces day and memorial day appreciate it.

  23. Avatar

    why are black people called "african american"? that's inaccurate. most of these women were probably born here

  24. Avatar

    Why call black's "African American" ? I know a lot of black people and NONE of them have ever been to Africa.

  25. Avatar

    Obama always singled out the lgbt ones.

  26. Avatar

    You can see how racist and sexist he is. It’s obvious

  27. Avatar

    tRump got your back?
    Bone spur, daft dodger! Lol

  28. Avatar

    What no orange man bad? No anti american propaganda? No koch brother approved propaganda to push for open border to lower low skilled wages and make housing impossible for young americans?

    This isn't the corrupt and objectively evil NBC i know and love to hate…

  29. Avatar

    Was stationed there for a number of years. Pence must have relished it….captive audience where they don't (because they can't) walk out on you.

  30. Avatar

    More cannon fodder for the US military industrial complex.

  31. Avatar

    Sadly, Air Force Academy graduating cadets had to swallow hard a month ago and put up with the supreme leader as their speaker. Ditto for last year's Naval Academy graduates. After personally seeing Trump, many newly commissioned officers were likely questioning his/her respective decisions to volunteer for military service four years earlier, unknowing that they would be led by a clown in 2019.

  32. Avatar

    10 Countries? We train enemies/allies… frienamies?
    We care why a jewish cadet? He doesn't care, he's glad there's more of you to die for the MIC.

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