Nonstop | Hiii Key | DJ John Gibbons Sweat


You don’t always have to compete to win the prize:-) After the credits, the uncut version. Comment below which one you like best!!!

Dancer: Marquese Scott

Dancer: Tiffany Rasombath


Audio: DJ John Gibbons Song: Sweat
Director – Bubba Carr @bcarr11 @bcarrworksphoto
Producer: Xcel Talent
Camera – Liam Nelson @liamjnelson



  1. The beautiful girl is a great addition! I like the dancing better in the second video. Always looking forward to your new stuff…and I enjoy reviewing the past videos, too! You ALWAYS amaze and inspire me! <3

  2. 12 times I rewatched that video, and I can’t believe how smooth are ur moves! Damn!

    I’ll practice to reach ur level )

    BTW, Thank you for upload Pumped Up Kicks and Daisy videos, that made me start dancing.
    And im not upload videos cuz I know my dancing skills are suck :3 And I’m dancing Animation for 2,3 year.

    Thank you man!

  3. I’ve been watching your videos for about 4 or 5 years now and your passion has inspired me to push on towards my own pursuits. Ever since your choreography to pumped up kicks I’ve been writing lyrics that have a more positive note in this day and age and I’ve also been lead to beatboxing and dubstep through your work as well. I appreciate your consistency and opaque way of enlightening others as well as your general energy you’ve brought into my life and many others without saying. Keep up the good work Mr. Scott. Maybe one day I’ll make it big and shout you out even though you have enough fame to step into anywhere and at least one person is mumbling “Whoa! Is that the guy?”. Have a good day and stay up Marquese.