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New Zealand v India – ICC Women’s World T20 2018 highlights

Harmanpreet Kaur’s blistering century lit up the opening game of the ICC Women’s World T20 in Guyana

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    The NZ innings is basically just the fall of wickets…

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    Great going ladies…Make India proud…Go Team India

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    ICC Always has the best highlights man. They jump from 10runs to 90runs in a second like wtf bro

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    Fucking ICC, the catch which got mandhana so deserves a replay. If you want people to see women's cricket then put efforts to showcase them as you do for men's cricket. For now take this 🖕

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    kaur is poor player leave her as captain .she scores once in a while she is lady politician.she or india can never win t20 without raj

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    kaur is a fake degree holder

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    Only pakistani chutiya Terrorists disliked this video

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    Cheer boys required for womens t20

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    Ladkiyon ko.kisi. se Kam nahi samajhna

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    lo be pakistani kutto hamari aurten bhi tumse aage hain

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