1. I find it odd that Podesta was in New Zealand the other day, and the PM and Hillary are tight… not to mention all the other stuff like abc showing the photo of the perp in North Korea with some other man. Only a CIA agent could walk freely in NK.

    You know it isn’t our fault that we never know whether to send our condolences, or cuss evil politicians. Makes me sick to my stomach.

  2. Australia, Germany, France, and Britain are four of the five eyes who spied on our POTUS and helped our crooked Government try and DEFY OUR WILL by ATTEMPTING TO OVERTHROW OUR DULY ELECTED PRESIDENT.. And notice that we don’t talk to New Zealand. That’s because Obama, Hilda, Podesta, and their 3letter goons control that place.

  3. One positive step the PM could make would be to ban NZ television stations from broadcasting any of American president Donald Trump’s rally speeches that promote fear in white nationalists, fear that they are being invaded by minorities bent on the destruction of white people. It’s this nonsensical paranoia that leads to anger and violence against minorities.

  4. If Justin Trudeau was a woman, he would be her. She just oozes weakness. She actually beta smiled at the interpreter when she walked in.

    Also, closed captioning is the normal solution for hearing impaired, she is conducting the theatrics of inclusion by having a lumbering, feminine man of color taking up half the stage – I couldn’t even pay attention with this big goofball acting like he is tying imaginary balloon animals.

    I bet a buck that the tangential arrest came from the New Zealand Twitter police.

    In general, the fact that her first response is to take the citizens guns speaks volumes as to the true motives of her ilk, they just wait for these tragedies so they can disarm the people and subjugate them further to the state. Neuter the masses like they did the Brits so the state can do what they want.

    She relies on the power inherent in her position to grab guns reflexively but commands no respect and doesn’t even respect herself enough not to smile when she should be acting sad.

    Good Job New Zealand, high five on being so inclusive that now you need to give up your guns, I hope you fix this abortion in leadership before she fixes you.

  5. You just need to take a look at the comments at Al Jazeera clips accordingly and it becomes clear that it´s only a matter of short time when we see the next of those “events” at any church in the world. And to make it clear, Al Jazeera doesn´t report any different or more biased than other serious networks they only have other viewers, they react the same as white shitheads do when confronted with attacks on their “race” or whatsoever weird “religion”. 90% of all humans are perfect idiots and THIS is our problem, nothing else.