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Mustard, Migos – Pure Water

“Pure Water” w/ Migos out now:

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Music video by Mustard, Migos performing Pure Water. © 2019 10 Summers Records, LLC

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  1. Avatar

    Takeoff is like a secret weapon. He is underestimated.

  2. Avatar

    Background score ferbalous. I really love it

  3. Avatar

    Producer: how much paint do you want?

    Migos: YESSSS!!

  4. Avatar

    Any SC brothers remember tha club Beaufort wit tha boat u could dance in?

  5. Avatar

    Where did they get the kid from

  6. Avatar

    This crap is just awful and a bad sign of this society. WHAT HAPPENED TO DECENCY! I am embarrassed for these morons. Money is their god. It WILL pass away and they will be left with shame and eternity to regret it all.

  7. Avatar

    Unhhhh no master p my favorite part

  8. Avatar

    Migos: Hey kid can you dance in our music video
    Kid: can i do fortnite dances
    Migos: sure

  9. Avatar

    Bro Take off part is fireee 🔥

  10. Avatar

    I showed this to my vodka

    Now its pure water

  11. Avatar

    If you love migos like this!💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  12. Avatar

    Ice water on wrist but no diamonds

  13. Avatar

    To when they say Ice 3 times I heard that in zeze

  14. Avatar

    They bite the shit outta devour on this song look up devour pure water he made a video before migos

  15. Avatar

    Y’all remember when these people jumped jahseh?

  16. Avatar

    Finally somebody has made a song with the line "What you talkin' 'bout Willis?"

  17. Avatar

    To the person reading this have a good day and night from me and your friends

  18. Avatar

    yess keep them songs comin!!! 👌👌👌👌

  19. Avatar

    Playback at 1.25x Speed….
    Thank me Later

  20. Avatar

    indonesian rap in here bro, look my channel for indonesian doominatiom rap #11kindonesia

  21. Avatar

    keeepppppppp it kep kep kep kep it it it good goood ggooodddd gooooddddd hundred hundred hundred out hundred keeep it up keeeppp keeeeep keee keee keeepppp it up

  22. Avatar

    Migos inspired me to start making Music again – I aspire to make a song with them some day. Mark my words!

  23. Avatar

    That's it, I'm gonna be a rapper! My stage name's gonna be Barbecue sauce!!

  24. Avatar

    This is such a good ass song⚡️🔥

  25. Avatar

    It's official the migos trash now

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