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Missing hiker found alive in Hawaii forest

A Maui woman who went missing for more than two weeks after a hike has been found alive. #CNN #News

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    God is amazing 🙏🙏🙏 Beautiful story ❤️

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    How in the hell you get lost in Hawaii??

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    Thank goodness, I thought she was another missing 411 victim.

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    Persistence pays off. The terrain was obviously in her favor if lost because other areas you don’t have that warm weather and water and natural grown berries.

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    can't wait to see it on I shouldn't be alive . cheers Amanda

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    How'd she get lost when there was 4 people together?

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    I'll check Timcast to make sure this is real.

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    CNN but Orange Man still bad, right?! 📺 Tell me how to feel/think.

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    Her story is questionable. Maui not a big island. There is a road around the island. All you have to do is walk one direction for less than a day, and you will find a road. Two weeks?

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    No phone, no shoes, lost for two weeks in a forest on a small island – not the sharpest tool in the shed is she.

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    The Assange story should be #1 on trending right now, not this. The Corporate News Network (along with other MSM) is at it burrying the real story again….🙄

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    Now that's real news fake news CNN .

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    I thought she was dead , but good thing that they found her alive.

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    Probably a lie on this network….

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    Yes, I am so happy they found her alive and safe. God is wonderful! ✝

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    You know, there's a lot of worrying, bad and horrible stuff that happen in this world. I'm deeply thankful this story didn't end that way.

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    I blame Trump for her getting lost in the first place!!

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    A miracle. Her boyfriend said he felt she was alive and I believed him. She should be more careful from now on, not just wander off like that with no cell phone.

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    Good news at last… God bless her…

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    And don’t get lost again! Pendeja!

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    Okay CNN, back to Fake News you brain dead pieces of human excrement 💩,….I mean Deranged Dixiecrats! 😂 Trump/Pence 2020!!

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    Thank God!! I'm so happy for her and her family. Wonderful news today!

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    Every time this happens it's because the hiker is a moron. NEVER go hiking alone or without a GPS Trail Maps/Tracker or Radio. All any fool has to do is visit your local REI… they will hook you up!

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    I smell fake.  It's on CNN so it's bound to be bullshit.  Probably a book deal or tv deals in the making.

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    How was it possible to get lost on Maui for 17 days? You are never more than 10 miles from a road.

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    Guarantee she's going to smash a whole pizza. Two weeks in the forest. I'm glad those meth heads have so much energy to search so hard. However imagine if she didn't leave her cellphone in the car 🤔🤔

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    It’s fucking hawaii! 18-25 year old have to live on there own for months in the deepest parts of the islands, military. Good job on surviving 80 degree weather, perfect pacific breeze, and plentiful fruits( mangos, guava, pears, strawberry), crawfish, fish, and even pigs to hunt!

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