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Mariah Carey – A No No

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    Yessss Love that She’s back ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. Avatar

    Anybody notice shawni in the beginning????

  3. Avatar

    anyone else notice that Shawni (from the second remix) is in this video?

  4. Avatar

    "Mariah Carey is copying Ariana Grande" – said lil Hannah born in 2005

  5. Avatar

    Please stream A no no on spotify

  6. Avatar

    Sometimes we can see her 2 children dancing among all the people in the train, it’s so cute! MC’s unique !

  7. Avatar

    I wish sometimes I can say no no for some crazy things 😁😁😁

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    Oh my goodness! This is so dope but such a bloody incredible tune. That's my favorite song .. congrats for being a recipient of this year's Icon Award of the BBMAs!

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    Maior e melhor cantora que vi em ação…
    Mariah vc é a melhor!!!

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    A No No is reach 4,4m views almost to reach 5m views next month keep streaming Lambs

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    I'm sorry mariah but this is copy of TLC GROUP this song No Scrubs she knew how to make it so difference but still sound like it so if you dont believe compare the 2 song her version and No Scrubs is the night song the group is TLC song No Scrubs. aren't slanders.

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    Please let's make A no no a radio hit please request A no no on Lite Fm 106.7 just sign up there and please stream A no no on spotify you can mute The track so you won't hear it over and over, and make a playlist of a no no in youtube and make sure that you will not play it on loop mode

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    And, she stays MARIAH CAREY (full stop). No one else.

    Daimmm!!!! From 90's to NOW, the same!!! In every thing! How to to do it? Just…. Bravo!!!!!

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    Lambs let's share this video with friends! Let's reach 5 million views! I hope we can do this faster after the #BBMAs🔥

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