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How It’s Made Tortilla Chips

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    Im hungry after watching this now

  2. Avatar

    I didn't know they had all that much fat in them. I knew they had some but not that much! 😶

  3. Avatar

    90 percent GMO Roundup resistant. Yummy.

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    Tortilla chips were invented by a black African woman, whites always trying to steal our superior culture and history. SMFH!!!

  5. Avatar

    Excuse me??!!!!??!!?!?!?!!?

    Tortilla chips were invented in LA?!!?!?!??!????!?!


    It is a prehispanic Mexican dish!!!!!!!!

  6. Avatar

    Why aren’t they using corn masa?
    What are you guys doing in the UK..

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    I hope they washed their hands 😥👁️

  8. Avatar

    They are called chips. Fucking Brit.

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