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How It’s Made Noodles

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  1. Avatar

    i had a weird phase where i would go through a couple packs of ramen a day.

  2. Avatar

    ew im not eating that garbage anymore

  3. Avatar

    Ramen noodles are Japanese not Chinese ffs.. China didn't even invent noodles there were documented cases of noodles well before Marco Polo.

  4. Avatar

    Go back to China you're not welcome here just like we're not welcomed there fucking cancerous people.

  5. Avatar

    Welcome back to another episode of, whyisthisinmyreccomadations!

  6. Avatar

    The level of snobbery in these comments my god

  7. Avatar

    damn. i liked the video but had to thumbs down. dont put recommended shit middle of the damn vid while its still going, nerd..

  8. Avatar

    Lets not forget the deadly preservative in it that can kill you if consumed

  9. Avatar

    What I see when I go to my asian house

  10. Avatar

    This…isn't a Chinese food. It's Japanese. It was made by a Japanese guy. Ramen is Japanese…

  11. Avatar

    This is whats recommended huh ;-; anyone else?

  12. Avatar

    Can we just eat the raw noodle dough

  13. Avatar



  14. Avatar

    Isn’t the title supposed to say “How noodles are made” instead of “How it’s made noodles”? 🤔

  15. Avatar

    Where is the part where they wax the noodle ?. So many videos about instant noodle coated with a kind of wax.

  16. Avatar

    The workers like "wish I became doctor".

  17. Avatar

    If they make so many why don’t they send the ramen bowls to the army????

  18. Avatar

    "I really like my job"
    Sad music plays

  19. Avatar

    without these noodles, Many prisoners would go hungry at night, real shit

  20. Avatar

    90000 bowl every day and you say 15000000 a year thats only for the 6 months so about 30000000 a year…

  21. Avatar

    The thumbnail makes the noodles twizzlers

  22. Avatar

    I’m eating ramen
    If anyone cares

  23. Avatar

    Don't worry this is not in India ..lol
    It's very clean not like in India factory or street food

  24. Avatar

    3:46 this guy really like his job 🙂

  25. Avatar

    I dunno, people who are just so positive or really like their job just make me really happy

  26. Avatar

    all those plastic pots…each one will be around for another 1000 years

  27. Avatar

    why do people still believing western propaganda about bad effect of MSG?

  28. Avatar

    In the Philippines pancit is the best

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