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How It’s Made Erasers

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  1. Avatar

    The worst addition to YouTube is the "Watch Next" video links…

  2. Avatar

    the dude in charge of the background music really snapped on this one

  3. Avatar

    the blue part just fucked up your paper.

  4. Avatar

    why you make a 2019 vid look 2008

  5. Avatar

    I was today years old when I found out the blue eraser erased ink

  6. Avatar

    Blue is NOT for ink. Its for different grades of paper.

  7. Avatar

    This manufacturing process looks like it is 100 years old. Where are the robots?

  8. Avatar

    Yah don't mind the plastic that the rubber comes packaged in well just mix that in there too

  9. Avatar

    When one video doesn’t satisfy you and You still wonder how all those machines that makes the erasers are made? 😂😂🤣🤣

  10. Avatar

    Anyone able to tell me what the black spinning thing at 5:06 does?

  11. Avatar

    0:8 wrong a condom does just as fine you can ask my brother

  12. Avatar

    the blue side erase ink by removing the paper alltogether.

  13. Avatar

    Why would anyone put the header for the next video in the middle, covering the last few seconds of the main video, truly stupid.

  14. Avatar

    A real eraser will rub you out…

  15. Avatar

    I thought she said hummus not pumice hahahah

  16. Avatar

    Why did they make 4 of these videos that are the same

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