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How It`s Made Aluminum Foil

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    please remove the final popup, can't see the end. dislike.

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    Imagine sliding your finger on the side of the big foil roll

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    You guys should really stop putting a big clickable ad right in the middle of the screen so we can't see the end of the video.

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    Aluminum, inches, Fahrenheit… Downvote

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    And the Japanese make the aluminium foil back to a aluminium ball…

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    Nice work now subscribe back to my channel

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    I never settle for less
    that kind of wrap is just the best
    to keep your sandwich nice and fresh
    stick it in your cooler
    eat it when your ready
    then maybe you'll choose
    aluminum foi- al

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    Wow. Something that takes so…. much into making, only for us to use only once, and throw it away.

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    Did you guys know, that we humans take so many resources from the earth, like aluminum. Resource that has taken billions of years to be made underground, and then humanity that think, that we can take whatever we want. If we keep going that way, the resources will be no more aluminum. Made in billions of years just for nothing, just so we can take it and make useless stuff out of it, so we can throw it out when we don't want it anymore. Stop taking from the world, I'll tell you aluminum will dissapear in under a 100 years. No more aluminum, think about it.

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    Go metric so people understand what youre talking about, idiot.

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    4:31 thumbs down. just as I was about to like this, the video gets ruined with a bloody pop up. Idiot.

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    How stupid, they advertise next video in the middle of the screen. Very annoying!

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    we can't see the end of the video because you're stupid ad shit
    fuck you for wasting 4:51 minutes of my life 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

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    Doesn’t tell you how they reduce thickness which is why I looked this up in the first place. They just say milled

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    They say nothing about the milling process. They just say there it will get smaller. It’s been thinned now. Like how??? That was the damn question in the first place. Like we get that it’s made from aluminum. Show us how they make it so thin wtf….

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    Brooks moore is the soul of How its made.

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    Fuck off with fucking calling IT Aloooominum ffs it as an I in it it's Aluminium.

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    I literally saw this after watching weird als rayal parody foil anyone else

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    Not aluminum it’s loominum foil 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣

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    Horrible and distracting music. Just could not complete the video

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    The music ruins watching this video unfortunately.

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    Hate the pop up at the end… just as the final result is show…. please stop doing it. A good video ruined

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    When will this be available in stores?

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    I have no ideas why I clicked this😂😂 idk a word their saying

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    Song reminds me of crash bandicoot twinsanity

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    blueface said he gona be the next big thing i dont agree like if u agrre with me

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    I have a question: Which side of aluminum is more pure? The shiny side or the left side? For laboratory purposes.

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