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Galaxy A9: Official Introduction

Introducing the all new #GalaxyA9 – the world’s first quad camera smartphone.
It provides a new level of fun for the picture-obsessed generation.
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    الي عربي وجاي يقلب ويسوي روحة انكليزي وه ميعرف شنو معنى ال( YES) لايكككك

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    Watching this from Samsung Galaxy A9🥰🙏💙

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    we present the new A9
    an average range of $ 600

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    Como se pone la función de multipantalla en este movil?

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    How long will this stay on sale? I really want one.

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    هذا الهاتف تستحق الشراء سأشتري في وقت قريب إن شاءالله🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴

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    You should bring the software update for quality of pictures
    Because its camera sucks
    Its potrait mode sucka

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    I somehow dont get their marketing strategy. An A-Series phone has four Cameras while the new S10 "only" has three of them. So the more expensive and more premium phone has less cameras. Dont get me wrong, i totally love my S10 but i still somehow dont understand this 🤔😂

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    NIGAHIGA predicted this a long long time ago. He is a fortune teller

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    Now they have cellphones with 6 cameras like the s10

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    If Samsung a9 can have 4 cameras then y not s10 plus

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    I bought this 20 days before, it's literally a high performance machine, awesome camera ,battery backup and outstanding RAM performance, i lv it

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    Alguien que me diga si el a9 es aprueba de agua porfa ???

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    I think samsung is not selling smartphones
    They r selling cameras

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