1. When you have a mob boss wanna be as a president, that leads his leadership with (total division) of the country. Division of Political parties, Hate, anger, lies and deceptions, and splits the nation and people’s and places them all against one another… and political rallies of radicalization ideology of the president’s rhetoric….. just another day in that direction..
    ( The wrong direction )

  2. It’s really sad the sheer # of comments that condone or justify these actions. Trump has weakened trust in our institutions and the Republicans in power have enabled him. This impact will take decades to restore – IF it’s even possible

  3. If Trump wasn’t glorifying white nationalists why did he invite Q-anon ringleaders into the Oval? Why did he let Charlottesville neo-Nazi organizer Patrick Casey into the White House? Next time when a GOP candidate shouts he would shoot any former First Lady in the middle of Fifth Avenue, BELIEVE HIM!

  4. The truth is that MSNBC tells as many if not more negative stories about Trump than CNN. In fact, MSNBC tends to break the news first before CNN and the other channels do. Yet CNN has been the one targeted by bomb threats. And you constantly see Trump trolls on CNN news comments sections. You hardly see them on the other news channels.
    Simply put, you gotta be blind not to see the correlation between Trump`s verbal attacks on CNN and the right wing nutjob attacks and threats on CNN.

  5. Ok let’s get realistic here The “Bomb “ ( the one without postmarking )was planted by CNN staff themselves after they got a tip about circulating bombs and how they looked Now this “ bomb scare “ is clearly called in by an American and somebody very close by the building and most possibly a CNN employee One person here in the interview is using a very wage distraction maneuver and obviously both of these employees should be questioned by NYPD as should several others