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Brexit party MEP from Scotland denies being a hypocrite for living in France

A former Conservative member of the Scottish parliament who lives in France will become one of the Brexit party’s first MEPs after a strong showing in north-east England. Speaking after his win, Brian Monteith said the victory was ’emphatic’ and rejected the criticism that he was a hypocrite for living in the south of France

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  1. Avatar

    Doesn’t make him a hypocrite before we were in the EU you could migrate to France lol

  2. Avatar

    So now its all of the North against elitist London Parliament has always hurt all beyond Watford.

  3. Avatar

    Talk about voting with your feet! No one would vote for him if he had made it clear to voters he was a Frenchie!

  4. Avatar

    The Tories were given a spanking by the 🇬🇧. A deserved one.

  5. Avatar

    Being close to Vichy enables you to take in the ideological waters.

  6. Avatar

    At least he's got a British name.

    Unlike most of the lib dem and labour candidates.

  7. Avatar

    Wanting to leave the EU doesn't mean you hate Europe, Europe isn't the EU. People getting it all mixed up these days.

  8. Avatar

    Cmon… there must be something wrong somewhere…. uhhhmm u liv in another country m8….
    Pathetic journalism… but pathetic journalism at its best!

  9. Avatar

    A brexiteer denying basic facts and logic…? Colour me surprised.

  10. Avatar

    Loves his country so much that he doesn’t live in it! 🤦‍♂️

  11. Avatar

    Well he is closer to Brussels so his carbon footprint will be lower… what a champ 😂

  12. Avatar

    Talking about leaving the EU while enjoying the benefits of being part of it. That’s some high level hypocrisy

  13. Avatar

    I assume he was able to move to France without hinderance as a consequence of free movement of people; the same free movement he now want so deny everyone else in Britain.

  14. Avatar

    You HATE this result Guardian… wahaha we voted leave, now leave

  15. Avatar

    Great man, he's Scottish not (insert group here), absolutely nothing unusual about him being in France and doesn't have to have anything to do with the European Union. Until the EU freedom of movement Scots are and always have been automatically French citizens. He's not an immigrant, this is southern english ignorance as per usual…particularly from the Marxists media in London.

  16. Avatar

    The Gaudian newz is like,, um ,um lets find something that isn't worth reporting, or better still lets do the usual left wing thing & throw a bit of character assassination in too,. dogshit newspaper, you'll be extinct soon.

  17. Avatar

    Brexit mps jumping on a (very short) gravy train.
    SNP is the largest party by far. Scotland is only country in the UK now with truly free education and healthcare for all. We choose Europe.

  18. Avatar

    Exactly you dumb guardian reporter- the EU isn't bloody europe you fool

  19. Avatar

    this man talks pish for scotland.. scotland didnt vote for brexit and we still dont want it .. bring on the second referendum, i just hope my fellow older scots go for it this time

  20. Avatar

    It's such a joke. And don't forget yours blue passports made in EU. You are a laughing stock of the world.

  21. Avatar

    This guy is what the Scots call "an absolute tadger who talks pish"

  22. Avatar

    Doesn't the hypocrite farage also have a mansion in France??

  23. Avatar

    What so many Remoaners refuse to understand is that almost all Brexiteers, have no problem with EU countries or citizens. We like those countries and have friends there. What we don’t like, is the EU government.

  24. Avatar

    The Guardian – is that the best you can do? Kinda pathetic

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