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5 Shocking Natural Disasters Caught On Video

5 Natural Disasters Caught On Video


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Natural Disasters Caught On Video
Natural Disasters Caught On Camera
Natural Disasters Caught On tape

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  1. Avatar

    Is That the stranger things storm???

  2. Avatar

    Dit vind ik heel erg spannend

  3. Avatar

    not a single one is a "disaster" just "phenomenon". none of this is shocking either.

  4. Avatar

    It will happens after my death and crush all cars in the world and mobile phones

  5. Avatar

    Number4 is a sinkhole in the water

  6. Avatar

    I never knew why the first thing that come to people's mind would be to sit there and take pictures when I'd already be at home hiding in my closet as soon as I saw those things

  7. Avatar


  8. Avatar

    People are crazy if u don’t think these things are controlled half the time

  9. Avatar

    fog tsunamis look cool, they look like floofy marshmallows :3

  10. Avatar

    I'm glad I don't live in thoughs countrys and I feel bad for though people who live there😭😥☺

  11. Avatar

    The first cloud seems to hate sport

  12. Avatar

    Ain’t nothing natural about these disasters. SOMETHING has showed the fuck up and it’s better to read about it than to physically be in it…

  13. Avatar

    Why are these people just recording I would be running for me life

  14. Avatar

    3:50 looks like a Michael Bay + National Geographic movie scene

  15. Avatar

    Mother nature works in mysterious ways only the Almighty knows better.

  16. Avatar

    If a saw number 1 i would run at top speed nd get the hell inside

  17. Avatar

    5.??? WTF?
    4…… OMFG!!! OMG!!!
    2…….. Good luck for all…btw must be little Photoshopped
    1…I Just give up..

  18. Avatar

    Not really disasters though are they.

  19. Avatar

    That sinking tree is in my hometown, Oxford Nova Scotia, it's just getting bigger still

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