10 Sports Teams that Constantly Win EVERY Trade


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Some teams do it through the draft. Others in free agency. Some via trades. And then there are those who use all three ways.

There are many different strategies you can use to build a sports team. But when you look at some of the very best clubs, you’ll notice their success can be attributed to making great trades on a consistent basis.

Today we dive into 10 sports teams that are GREAT at trading. And a big shoutout to Double H for suggesting this video!

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Host: Justin Fraction
Editor: Jason Bondo
Writer: Alex Hoegler


  1. I’m not a Pens fan (in fact, they are my least favorite team), but no mention of the Pens trading for Carl Hagelin and Justin Schultz? Both were key pieces to the Penguins’ back-to-back Cup winning puzzle: Hagelin a fast skater with penalty killing skills, and Schultz the right-shooting blueliner they needed to round out their Top 4 D. I doubt they would have won those back-to-back Cups without #62 and #4 in their lineup.