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10 Sports Teams that Constantly Win EVERY Trade

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Some teams do it through the draft. Others in free agency. Some via trades. And then there are those who use all three ways.

There are many different strategies you can use to build a sports team. But when you look at some of the very best clubs, you’ll notice their success can be attributed to making great trades on a consistent basis.

Today we dive into 10 sports teams that are GREAT at trading. And a big shoutout to Double H for suggesting this video!

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    Who do you think wins ever trade?

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    Too 10 home run hitters ever and also which are tainted by juicing

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    While yes, it seems like San Jose wins trades a lot, you have to realize that they've been constantly trading picks and prospects throughout their entire franchise history. Here's some of the players that they missed out on getting because of a lopsided trade:
    Max Pacioretty
    David Perrault
    David Krejci
    Tyler Ennis

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    I’ve never wanted to punch someone in the face as bad as I do this dipshit Justin .

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    What about the St. Louis/LA Rams? They got legendary running back Marshall Faulk in free agency, they got Dante Fowler Jr right before the trade deadline, they also got Brandin Cooks from the Patriots.

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    You gotta get your hockey facts right man

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    Top 10 worst players in the NFL

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    10 teams that constantly LOSE trade (for example browns of course on good tradr was the Jarvis Landry yrade but other than that trash)

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    Top 10 NFL teams who’ve had the most veteran players the last 10 years.

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    What about the bill Russell trade in the 50s. 11 rings?

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    10 teams with the most overrated players

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    Awesome list, but however you made it sound like as if the Eagles got Michael Vick in a trade with the Redskins when they traded Donovan McNabb when in fact the Eagles already had Michael Vick in 2009 when Donovan McNabb was the starter.

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    10 nfl teams who always draft a bust

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    Eagles win all trades then trade Aaron rodgers

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    This dude should be a movie trailer guy

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    Dude Randy Moss caught 23 TDs bit 22, that'd 2nd place Jerry Rice

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